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Briana Riskin


All Creativity, Life Coaching, Self Esteem, Visual Artists, Writers



Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. United States



Web Site:



I believe that when people are in tune with their creative side, they are healthier.  I also believe that the world needs people to express themselves creatively so that others can be inspired to do the same and in effect, help the world to be a better place


Methods of Working:

I work with clients via email, by phone, and in-person.  (I prefer email or in-person.)



I work with people who are interested in getting to a deeper level of consciousness i.e. through guided meditation or guided imagery, in order to inspire their creative work.  I also work with clients on expressing their inner creativity through writing, visual art, movement and music making.


Individual Services:

In working with clients, I aim to help them believe in their own creative power.  I do this through listening, encouragement, and through exercises such as process oriented writing, expressive visual art, and guided imagery.  



Expressive Arts Workshop-An ongoing group where you show up to explore a variety of art materials and focus on expressing yourself from the inside out.  The emphasis is on the process and sharing this process with other participants in an open, safe, and comfortable environment.



Express Yourself Through the Creative Arts-Explore your inner creativity through this multimedia art course.  Draw with feeling to music, free paint with watercolors, manipulate colorful play dough, create a collage and illustrate a poem.  This is taught through Minneapolis Community Education.  Visit


Training and Experience:

I have a BS in Elementary Education and will soon have a MA in Human Development.  I have also been trained through Eric Maisel’s Creativity Coaching program. 



I have an article called Creativity and Your Inner Guide: Connecting to the Power Within, which will be published in a creativity anthology in the spring of 2005.



In-person coaching is $60/hour (pre-pay for 3 sessions and save $30; you pay only $150)

Phone coaching is $60/hour and $30/half-hour

Email coaching is $120/month (pre-pay for 2 months and receive a $30 discount; you pay only $210)



I currently have spaces available for individual clients.  I am also seeking participants for my ongoing Expressive Arts Workshop.  All are welcome to join the yahoo group Creative Intentions

Still have questions? See our Creativity Coach FAQ's
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