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Cassie Premo Steele, Ph.D.


Artists, Mothers, Teachers / Academics, Work-Life Balance, Writers


Business Name:

Co-Creating , LLC


Columbia, South Carolina. United States



803 420 1400

Web Site:


I help people flow with their creative practice so they can feel greater balance, joy, and empowerment in their lives and work. Often creativity is blocked by fear or past trauma, and I am adept at helping people heal those wounds and fears so that creativity can be a guiding force in their lives.


Methods of Working:

In-person and via phone and Skype. I find all three methods work well in my Co-Creating practice.



I specialize in working with survivors of individual or collective trauma and wrote a book about how writing can help heal from trauma (We Heal From Memory, 2000). I also am successful in helping academics and teachers re-commit to their creative projects and maintain a work-life balance. I have a particular affinity for working with mothers who want to use writing as a way of restoring their sense of self-worth and joy.


Individual Services:

Co-Creating is unique in that when I ask clients to journal, meditate, or do a creative activity, I also create and participate. It is this collective sense of working together in a safe and sacred space that makes my coaching unique.


Creative Fun for the Writer in You -- activities to help reignite the fun in your creative process 

From Writer's Block to Writing Rock-- overcoming your fears to let your writing flow



Co-Creating the Life You Want -- how creative activities can lead to more joy and a better work-life balance 

Parenting Is a Journey -- how parents can use journaling to resolve conflict and live in harmony in their families 

Teaching Is a Journey --how teachers can use journaling to find the creative joy in teaching again



Birthing the Mother Writer -- study and writing in response to the works of contemporary mother writers 

Poetry and Healing -- study and writing in response to poets whose works teach how to heal from trauma



Women Writing Naturally -- journaling, meditation, and activities in nature to help restore the woman's spirit


Training and Experience:

After receiving my Ph.D. in Comparative Literature and Women's Studies, at Emory Universityin Atlanta, Georgia, in 1997, I have spent the past fifteen years teaching in university and community settings, giving workshops in various settings from book stores and art galleries to women's centers and private homes. I have been seeing individual clients since 2004.



Moon Days: Creative Writings about Menstruation, 1999
We Heal From Memory, 2000
Ruin, 2004
My Peace, 2008
Easyhard: Reflections on the Practice of Creativity, 2009
Shamrock and Lotus, 2010
This is how honey runs, 2010



$50/ 60 minutes $75/ 90 minutes



I am currently accepting a limited number of new clients. Please feel free to contact me.


Additional Comments:

I have a list of past and current clients who would be happy to provide references by phone and/ or email. Please contact me for more info.

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