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Catherine Mellinger


All Creativity, Multi-Disciplinary Artists, Self-Awareness, Self-Confidence, Visual Artists


Business Name:



Toronto. Canada




Web Site:



I work with visual artists & multi-disciplinary artists to create a space in which:


* you can explore what your energy and intentions set forth in your life, as well as what your life brings back to you energetically.


* censors can be let go of and openly explored, where you can re-connect to your whole voice, your authentic being.


* you can discover what you mean to your work, what your work means to you.


* clients build a strong relationship with their creative work and the meaning of that work, in turn creating a stronger relationship with the community(ies) in which their work is shared.


* you can become the leader in your creative life, as well as your best self-supporter.


* aspirations & dreams can be accomplished.


Methods of Working:

In-person, phone, e-mail



whole person awareness
self-communication & censor acknowledgment 
creative blocks & re-creation of focus 
dream building 
emotional distress 
discovery & play 
meaning building 
self-promotion & marketing 
space/energy alignment 
community building


Individual Services:

My work with my clients is as individual as they are. I use tools such as continuous affirmations, guided meditations, self-letter writing, in-session art practice and relaxation techniques in my coaching. I create my sessions based on what you need of the session & how you need to communicate with me, while also teaching you new tools for how to communicate with yourself, your work and your community.



To be announced, will be listed on workshops page, or please check



To be announced, please check



To be announced, please check



To be announced, please check


Training and Experience:

Currently enrolled in CCA’s Creativity Coaching Certification, BA – Fashion Marketing.



CCA Newsletter, please also check for article listings and links.



$60.00/hour for in-person or over-the phone sessions, including follow-up e-mails to clients.


$100.00/month for bi-monthly sessions, including follow-up e-mails to clients.


$200.00/month for weekly sessions, including follow-up e-mails to clients.


$150.00/month for e-mail coaching, including two e-mail/week correspondence with clients.

Rates can be discussed for sessions booked for specific time periods or projects.



To be arranged on case by case basis. Currently seeking 5 individual clients.

Still have questions? See our Creativity Coach FAQ's
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