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Cherylann Guillot-Jones


All Creativity, Dance Coaching, Life Coaching, Writers


Business Name:

Creative Direction


Baltimore, Maryland. United States






Web Site:


Every day is an opportunity to be creative.


Methods of Working:

E-mail, phone and in-person coaching available, as well as a combination of methods.  In-person coaching available only in Baltimore, expanding to a limited number of appointments in NYC beginning February, 2006. 



Audition/competition/performance preparation for dancers, actors and models.  Business practice building and marketing.   Nurturing children's creativity.  I have degrees in mass communications and business administration; have worked in children's theatre and dance productions and with the ballet as a dancer, teacher, coach, costume designer, public relations and fund raiser, as well as board member.   One of my children is a professional dancer in ballet. 

Individual Services:

I work with performers in audition preparation, performance and competition anxiety, the business aspects of their fields and making decisions to support the career they want to pursue.  


I work with artists starting small businesses or marketing their goods and services to other stores, galleries and companies. Clients have included yoga instructors and personal trainers, jewelry designers, musicians and paramedical professionals such as medical transcriptionists.



Audition/Competition preparation:  Realistic goal setting, prioritizing in training, comparisons, body image, recovering from mistakes, getting cut, choices of variations, working with choreographers, stage fright, competition and focus on your artistry.


Creativity in Business and Practice Building:  Currently primarily for physicians and ancillary medical professionals covering such issues as advertising and marketing the practice,  producing practice materials, publishing papers, speaking to target groups, and marketing the practice to other medical professionals. 


Nurturing your Creativity:  An overview of creativity coaching, making time for creative outlets, identifying and overcoming blocks and obstacles, giving and receiving support, committing to projects and time lines.



Individual topics from the above seminars can be tailored to your requirements for meetings, conventions and workshops.



Currently offering a combination master ballet class taught by a professional dancer with a one-hour presentation "Where do I want dance to take me?" to dance studios.  Topics include goal setting, preparation and back up plans; dance and continuing education and an overview of creativity coaching. 


Training and Experience:

I have been self-employed for over twenty years.  I have completed the creativity coaching training with Dr. Maisel.  In addition,  my degrees are in  in mass communications and business administration specializing in advertising and marketing. 


I have worked in the arts my entire life, staying particularly connected to dance and dancers.   I studied classical acting and acting for dancers in Europe four consecutive summers.   I write every day, and continue to design costumes for dance and theater productions and other fabric art. 


I am actively coaching many young dancers preparing for the 2006 audition and competition season. 



Contact me for rates.



Spaces are available for individual clients, some late evening hours are available for e-mail and phone coaching.  In-person coaching spots are available starting January, 2006 in Baltimore and February, 2006 in NYC. 

Still have questions? See our Creativity Coach FAQ's
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