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Clare Thorbes


Writers, Visual artists, Music, Resilience, Making time for creating

Name of Business:

Clare Thorbes, Creativity Coach


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


1-613- 296-5207 


Web site: 


I believe that every creative person deserves a chance to build a
satisfying life in the arts, and I’m dedicated to helping my clients
work toward that life. My approach is empathetic and down to
earth, and I love seeing my clients build creative resilience.

Methods of Working:

Telephone or in-person coaching, with initial email or telephone



Creativity coaching. Certified by the Creativity Coaching

Association in 2017.


Individual Services Offered:

Customized one-on- one coaching on all aspects of the creative life. 

Workshops Offered: 

Workshop planned for Spring 2018, Ottawa, Canada. 

Talks Offered:

TBA Ditto


Classes Offered:

TBA Ditto

Retreats offered:

TBA Ditto


Training and Experience: 

I have a Master’s in Journalism, a BA in Russian and Spanish, and a
Diploma in Fine Art. I co-owned a small press for 10 years, served as the
company’s project manager and editor. I have been painting oil portraits for
20 years, including commissioned works, and my works are in private
collections across Canada.


Please contact me at the email address above.



I have spaces available for individual clients on weekday afternoons

and evenings.

Still have questions? See our Creativity Coach FAQ's
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