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York, North Yorkshire, UK

Name of Business :

Danielle Raine | Creativity Coaching

Email Contact:

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I offer what I call ‘Holistic Creativity Coaching’, because when we create, we bring our whole selves to the work.

Our energy, mood, emotions and challenges all affect our creative efforts. They even show up in our work.

So my approach to creativity coaching is to treat creative blocks holistically, to build a foundation of health, wellbeing, confidence and inner calm.

We’ll explore strategies to revitalise the whole you, not just your creative self.

The result is more ease and flow in the creative process, as well as a healthy life balance and a fulfilled sense of self.

Because I believe that when we align our lives with what matters, our creativity naturally blossoms.

I also have a philosophy of joy, fun & ease!

Because the majority of the creative process is the process, not the result.

Why not make that largest part of the journey as easy, enjoyable and inspired as it can be?

So, whenever possible, we work with your natural inclinations, enthusiasms and passions – rather than attempting to use force and willpower (which are neither fun nor sustainable.)

Because when we harness the powers of awareness, inspiration and efficiency – creativity can be effortless and exhilarating.


Methods of Working:

I work exclusively via email as it works so well for my clients and matches my best coaching style.


I have a particular interest in the link between creativity and wellbeing/self-care. I’ve been a lifelong student of nutrition, health and wellness - over 20 years of private study and experimentation. In the last 5 years, I’ve been applying my knowledge of wellness and wellbeing to creative living, the nature of inspiration and finding more flow in the creative process.

This focus is the core of my creativity coaching service.

Individual Services Offered:
I offer 1:1 coaching via email, as well as a range of self-study courses.

Workshops Offered:
I’m not currently offering in-person workshops.

Talks Offered:
I’m not currently offering talks or speaking engagements.

Classes Offered:
I have a number of online courses available on my website;

• A Message From Your Muse
 (A series of daily prompts to help you tap into your intuition and inspiration.)

• #WriteThatBook

(A 5-day ecourse to help aspiring authors get clear, get organised and get writing.)

• Writer’s Corner

(A series of resources to help writers write, publish and enjoy the process.)

Retreats Offered:
I’m currently offering a ‘virtual retreat’ for creative women called The Muse Spa.

This consists of six weeks of online learning, support and virtual pampering for you and your muse.

Training and Experience:
I’ve been a creative all my life - dabbling in art, design, sculpture, poetry, stained-glass window-making, upholstery, interior design, architecture, fiction and non-fiction.


My official credentials include a Foundation in Art & Design, and a degree in Communication Media.

Since graduating 20 years ago, I’ve been working as a creative professional with experience in creative writing, copywriting, graphic design, self-publishing, online marketing, branding, web design and entrepreneurship.


I have also built up (and read) a substantial library of books about the creative process, creative living, success psychology, the life and work of famous creatives, and the spiritual and metaphysical aspects of creativity.


In 2014, I began my Creativity Coach training - completing both the Basic & Advanced CCA Creativity Coach trainings with Eric Maisel.


And since 2016, I’ve been the Creativity Editor at Empowered Wellness Magazine.


From Wannabe to Writer - My journey from the Wannabe Wilderness to a spot on the Bestseller Lists.


Pricing for coaching packages is included in the Info Pack available from my website.


Please contact me for availability.

Additional Comments:

There are simple ways to make the creative process easier, more enjoyable and more inspired.

I know because I’ve found them and used them with great success – for myself and my clients.

And as I’ve learned to ease my own creative struggles, I feel increasingly called to share this wisdom with anyone else brave enough to explore a creative life.

I feel it’s my mission to share what I’ve learned, to smooth the bumpy creative path, and help others find more joy and ease in their creative journeys, and more peace, meaning and fulfillment in their lives.

Still have questions? See our Creativity Coach FAQ's
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