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Darlene Frank


San Francisco, California. United States.




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Creativity coaching helps you explore what matters most to you about your art and life. My mission is to encourage writers to explore their deepest creative yearnings, awaken a sense of purpose in their lives, and discover the alignment of these two in surprising and powerful ways. My coaching process helps you bring forth your unique gifts and integrate the many parts of yourself that can support you on your writing journey. 

As one who has lived the writer’s journey for most of her life, I understand the deep call of art, the way in which it empowers us and makes us feel vulnerable at the same time. In a clear, focused, and nurturing coaching style, I will help you merge the passion of your vision and desire with practical actions to bring your writing dreams into reality. I’ve mentored many writers on their creative journeys. This is work I love, and I’d be happy to help you gain creative confidence, become more productive, and produce work you’re excited about.

Methods of Working:Coaching is by phone, with email support between sessions. In-person sessions may be possible if you live near San Francisco, California. I offer a complimentary 30-minute phone session to help you decide if creativity coaching is right for you.



I work with writers of all kinds: beginners, first-time book authors, poets, and self-publishers, as well as businesspeople, speakers, visual artists, entrepreneurs, and coaches who may not consider themselves writers but who want to explore their creative powers or feel they have a story or message to share with the world.


I especially enjoy working with people who have undergone a radical life transformation and want to create art from that experience. They may be in transition, stuck, scared, angry, or grieving. I guide them to bring forth their most powerful creative work.


I help writers identify and honor the many parts of their psyche—especially the inner critic—that can be enlisted to empower and support their creative writing journey.


I also provide writing critique, editing, and book consulting services primarily for nonfiction authors in the self-help and memoir genres.


As a professional writer and editor for over 30 years, I have taught writing, written and published books, and mentored many writers. Writing is my passion. My life has been a path of deep transformation and change, and I feel privileged to share my insight and experience to help other writers navigate deep change and transition in their lives and make art of their experiences.


Individual Services:

If you need help deciding what to write, how to stay motivated, clear writing blocks, build confidence, or develop productive writing habits, you will benefit from creativity coaching.

I offer single phone sessions, as well as monthly and weekly accountability packages. For ongoing coaching, we begin with a discovery session (60-90 minutes), then follow up with weekly or biweekly phone sessions (30-45 minutes), depending on your needs. See my website (noted above) for a description of current coaching packages, keeping in mind that packages can be customized to suit your needs.


I also offer a VIP program – Navigating the Writer’s Journey This one-on-one virtual coaching program is focused on navigating your personal writing journey.


If you want editorial help with a specific writing project, I also offer writing critique (high-level feedback) and developmental editing and copyediting of nonfiction, to help you structure and polish your work and become a more expressive, articulate writer.



Navigating the Writer’s Journey – This workshop introduces you to key elements of the writer’s journey and provides activities to help you feel confident and inspired as you move forward on your personal creative journey. 

Creativity at Work – This is a customized workshop developed for business, government, and nonprofit organizations based on the organization’s specific needs.


Training and Experience:

  • CCA Certified Creativity Coach and member, Creativity Coaching Association

  • BA in English and Education, State University of New York at Buffalo

  • Professional writer and editor for over 30 years

  • Author of business books about writing and graphic design

  • Author of creative nonfiction and memoir published in various anthologies

  • Consultant in book production, self-publishing, and information design

  • Workshop leader and speaker on writing, creativity, and personal growth

  • Editor of business and training materials, nonfiction books, stories, newsletters, articles, and more

  • Co-producer of performing arts events to showcase the work of new and emerging artists

  • Scriptwriter of award-winning documentary film about Eichler homes

  • Award-winning instructional and technical writer

  • Vice president and long-time member, California Writers Club, San Francisco/Peninsula branch

  • Training consultant; instructional designer; project manager; entrepreneur

  • Trained in the Voice Dialogue process


Throughout my career I have also written newspaper, magazine, and journal articles; reviewed hundreds of manuscript pages in memoir critique groups; and taught career planning workshops.


My years as a writer and editor of training materials have given me the skills to develop unique and effective coaching tools for writers.

Clients also benefit from my rich background of life and business experience; years of psychological, spiritual, and metaphysical studies; and a fine-tuned intuition. I provide clients with encouragement, guidance, insight, and wisdom, as well as practical tools and techniques.



Please check my website for current pricing. I offer a complimentary 30-minute phone session to help you decide if creativity coaching is for you.



I would love to talk with you. Please contact me at


Additional Comments:

In our work together we bring clarity to your creative process and craft a plan to help you produce meaningful work. I feel privileged to share my insight and experience to support you on your writing journey. I hold a powerful vision for your success.

Still have questions? See our Creativity Coach FAQ's
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