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David Eyman


Creative Intelligence, Career choice Career changes, Finding purpose, Entrepreneur coach, Teen coaching


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Cincinnati, Ohio USA







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Being creative is an opportunity, not a struggle! I can help you find your OWN way to focus on one thing at a time, lay claim to your passions, and perform up to your amazing creative abilities.


Methods of Working:

Via phone, Skype, or in my office in Cincinnati Oh. Our session notes are taken on a whiteboard, and sent as a visual (kinda cool) reminder of what you’re up to.



Professional creatives in transition, want to get a project underway, or are ready for a change. I also work with young creatives who are confronting “OMG, what do I want to do with my life syndrome”. 


What motivates us to prolific creating?

I can help get you passionately inspired.


Individual services offered:
I don’t have a plan. Almost everything we do together is invented in the moment, and right for you at this phase of life. I only have one worksheet, and no life-wheels here. What I offer is an arsenal of knowledge and experience that allows us to look at your needs, and fulfill them with fun exercises and real-life challenges that lead to success. I also have big white boards and huge rolls of paper where we can figure things out in a dynamic and fun way. Less fluff, more solutions.


Workshops offered:

- “OK, so I’m creative, now what am I going to do with my life” in group or individual format, 
- Sacred Geometry lectures and playshop, 
- Innovation Culture Enrichment for small business, 
- Self-awareness for Graphic Designers / corporate Identity, 
- Managing Criticism, and 
- Creativity summer camps for youths 9-14.


Classes offered:

Individual and group format of career selection for creative students (see website), lecture, and workshops available for classes at high school and university level. 
Summer programs for creative youth offered locally. This is a joy, and builds self-esteem while creating innovations and constructing them on an epic scale.


Training and Experience:

- BSID Industrial Design, University of Cincinnati. 
- CCA certification for creativity coaching, 
- Brainstorming Techniques and best practice training, 
- Innovation Culture workshops and conference training. 
- Experienced entrepreneur with 20+ year history in the creative fields.



Various articles, see website for background and links.



See website for pricing structure. 



Weekdays. Evening or weekend hours on request.


Additional Comments:

Given your talents and what’s important to you, what’s the best thing you could do with life? Let’s make this happen!

Still have questions? See our Creativity Coach FAQ's
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