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David Smith, M.Ed.


Writer, Writers block, Artist, Creative block, Life coach


Business Name:

Creativity Smith



Groton, MA. United States






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I work with creative spirits of all kinds, from kitchen table amateur to seasoned pro. I care deeply about my clients’ dreams, and I take their stories to heart.  I am awed by the creative spirit and believe it is the foundation of our lives.  My true joy is to support the gift of creativity wherever it pushes forward.  As a lifelong artist, I understand the creative journey because I live it myself.  As a career teacher I can explain the things you might have missed .  And as a trained counselor, I can help you find the way forward on your creative path.


Methods of Working:

Two half-hour phone sessions per month and unlimited email contact between sessions.



I am grateful for a rich and diverse creative background in theatre, singing, public speaking and entrepreneurial business experience which helps me to understand the joys and the struggles of the creative soul. Throughout my life, I have successfully coached people of all ages and walks of life in expanding their creative expression and in helping them to add more joy, balance, love, beauty, prosperity and fun into their lives. I am a people-person for certain and I love what I do! I have a large chest of tools to draw from and am highly intuitive.



7 Keys to Creativity.  Our creative lives are more rewarding when we understand our creative frame of mind, how to nurture it, and how to make it a larger part of our lives.

Writing the River.  This workshop offers a hands-on introduction to Experiential Journaling, an intensive form of self-discovery





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