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Deborah Bouziden


All Creativity, Getting Unstuck, Visual Artists, Writers

Business Name:

Creative Ambitions


Edmond, Oklahoma. United States


Phone:(405) 820-0490

Web Site:


I believe everyone has the ability to reach their creative goals if they apply themselves.  Sometimes that application comes in the form of encouragement, sometimes organization, and sometimes as a ‘kick in the pants’.  Getting artists from where they are now to where they want to be is what we look at--together. 

I don’t believe there is one magic solution out there for everyone.  Individual needs are as different and varied as the stars.  One person may need to focus on organizing his day and projects.  Another may need to set goals and learn how to work toward them at a steady rate.  While another individual may need someone to believe in him and his work until he can believe in himself.

Through increased awareness of why he is doing the work and why it is important to him, I think the artist can find his purpose and move into a more fulfilling place.

Creating is a daily process and so is managing it.  I don’t believe we ever reach the end, but we can learn tools to keep us moving forward.

Methods of Working:

Will work through email, regular mail, phone, or in person.  

Email is my favorite. I believe writing is therapeutic and sometimes when that ‘aha’ moment comes, it’s nice to have a written record.


I specialize in “getting started” and “organizational” issues.  I have worked with artists of all ages for over ten years.  Through teaching, consulting, and completing courses through the Center for Journal Therapy, creativity coaching course with Dr. Eric Maisel, and creativity studies with Dr. Bill Cummings, I have unique insights to bring to the table.

Individual Services:

Creativity Coaching-working with individuals or groups for a period of time to define their creative goals and clarify their vision.


Consultant-typically a one-hour session via phone or in person exploring goals and motivations for individual’s creative work.  This may include helping client design marketing strategies or scheduling a typical workday. Client will email me first. I will review client’s issues, then we can schedule appointment. 


Group Consulting-typically a one-hour session via phone or in person exploring goals, organizational needs, and creative outlooks for group clients.


Journal Writing-From why one should keep a journal to twelve journaling techniques one can use, this workshop can be tailored from a two hour to a week program. Ask about incorporating ‘making a journal’ into these sessions. (This program can be tailored to non-writers.)


Your Creative Muse: How to Find It, Keep It, and Use It--Every creative individual has days when he feels like he’s been abandoned by his muse. In this session, participants will do creative exercises; learn techniques to tap into their creative self and ideas to keep them moving ahead on projects. Program runs from one to two hours.

Tap Your Creative Spirit and Soar --This program deals with the elements of success, from finding what you want and where you want to go with your creativity to reaching your goals. Persistence and determination will be discussed as well as courage and commitment. Typical a one hour lecture, this can be designed into a three hour workshop.



Organize Your Work to Keep Momentum Flowing-In this session participants will hear ideas for organizing their research as well as their finished pieces. They will be introduced to computer programs that will assist in that organizing as well as day-to-day small things to keep their workspace and projects flowing. One-hour program. (Deborah also offers one-on-one workspace evaluations.)


Workshop topics can be tailored to one-hour talks.  Email to discuss your groups needs.



Various classes offered throughout the year in the Edmond/Oklahoma City Area. Email to be added to notification list.


“Creative Explorations” Retreat being planned for Fall 2008 in Estes Park, Colorado.  Attendance will be limited.  Email to be added to notification list.

Training and Experience:

Over twenty years experience in publishing and marketing creative work.


Ten years, teaching creative writing to adults and young people. 


Served as consultant to Professionalism in Writing Organization from 1992 –1997.


President of Oklahoma Writers’ Federation in 2001 and Conference Organizer/Consultant for the 650-member organization in 2004.


Completed Journal to the Self-training through The Center for Journal Therapy in 2000 and a 16-week course taught by Dr. Eric Maisel on Creativity Coaching in 2003. In 2004, participated in the “Capturing Creativity” Course through the Rocky Mountain National Park Association with Dr. Bill Cummings.


Currently, I teach classes for adults and teens in conjunction with the OKC Metropolitan Library System, write books and articles, and do creativity consulting and coaching work.



Book/Contributed Chapter, Inspiring Creativity, Creativity Coaching Association Press, April 2005


Book, Journal Wheel and Guidebook, Rodgers & Nelson Publishing, March 2001


Article, “Build a Writing Idea List,” Writer’s Guide to Creativity, August 2003


Article, “Get Inspired With Lists”, Personal Journaling, October 2002



Free Evaluation: Be prepared to state goals and reasons why you need a coach or consultant.


Unlimited email coaching: $225 a month. (Three-month commitment required.)

Phone coaching: $75 per 30-minute sessions, once a week.  (Four-week commitment required.)

Individual Consulting: one hour by phone-$175/one hour in person-$225.

Group Consulting: one hour by phone-$200/one hour in person-$250.


Teaching, speaking, classes, and seminars vary according to needs and expenses incurred.  Please email me to discuss availability, etc.



Am currently booked and not accepting clients until Fall 2006.  Please email about being added to waiting list. State whether you would be an individual or group client.

Still have questions? See our Creativity Coach FAQ's
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