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Dr. Diane Germanowski


2nd Half of Life, Creative Intention in all arts, Creativity blocks


Business Name:

Creativity and Meaning Coaching



Amesbury, Massachusetts. United States




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I believe we are all creative beings. And that creativity is directly related to meaning, and meaning to a life filled with passion, joy, and enthusiasm. As a Certified Creativity Coach it is my purpose to help you reawaken, refresh, and recharge the creative being inside of YOU. Together we work to discover the path that will lead to a creative, more fulfilled life. IT IS NEVER TOO LATE! Creativity can, and should be, an essential component of our life. Is there a work of art, or music, or writing, or a performance waiting to be released from the world of your dreams? Have you put your creative life on hold, in the past, to concentrate on "other" pursuits?(PLEASE THINK SUSAN BOYLE). Is the question, how to take these dreams and ideas from the twilight into the light of day? Are you ready to have a life where you feel more alive and stimulated, much like when you were a child, unburdened by all you can't do? I CAN HELP


Methods of Working:

E-Mail, Phone, In Person (I find that email and/or phone with email provide the optimal coaching experience as they include written references).



I have been creatively working with clients, in various forms, for more than twenty five years. I, too, have been on a personal creative/meaning journey. My experience helps clients cut short the aimless, sometimes unproductive search for their creative place. Together we can "join" and work together to find the path and begin the journey- or continue the journey-more enthused and joyful than before.


Individual Services:

I work with Creativity Clients to gain access to, and development of , their creative instincts and dreams. I ask pointed questions, offer exercises to open the client, provide accountability, cheering, and nudges.



The Twelve Week, Creative Workout Program- A program of discovery, intent, practicum, and a means to continue, with joy and enthusiasm, the paths you will choose. 
I also offer customized classes. Please email questions and suggestions.



THE CREATIVE WORKOUT- Which may be broken into three talks, A Creativity Warm Up, Creativity Calisthenics, and Creativity Cool Down.

Other topics, Creativity and Meaning 
Creativity Blockbusters 
Preparing The Creative Way

I also offer “talks” customized to your groups needs. Please email me with questions and suggestions.



All of the above, as well as customized programs, are available for classes. Classes may be via email, tele-classes, yahoo group classes , or live classes. Some classes, because of the nature of the content or means of submission, may limit the amount of participants.


E mail me and we will find the right form, the right content, and the right price, for your group, or for open groups.



I do not offer retreats at this time but would be open to discussing the possibilities. Please email me with your thoughts and/or suggestions.


Training and Experience:

Member CCA, enrolled in coach certification program. 
A.S. Interior Design/ART 
B.A. Art History 
M.A. History 
PhD. Work- American Material Culture 
I have spent my vocation and avocation in the arts and working with clients, students, and family, where creativity and inspiration are a must. I have found this to be my highest and best calling.



Please contact me at the email shown below and later at the new web site. I believe we can develop a workable price for most everyone. 
Discounts available for programs and classes.



I currently have openings for individual and small group coaching, as well as customized small group tele and internet classes.


Additional Comments:

Do not suffer for not reaching your creative potential. There are books, songs, fine art, performances, and creative living awaiting to be developed, released, and fulfilled. Do not wait any longer. “If not now, when?”

Still have questions? See our Creativity Coach FAQ's
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