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Durga Keyser


All Creativity, Budding artists, Craftspeople, Prosperity for artists, Writers


Business Name:

art in abundance


Corsica. France


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As artists, we are uniquely blessed for creating the kinds of lives we want to live. The skills necessary for realizing works of art are the very skills we can develop and apply to living more satisfying lives, both as people and as artists. No matter what our medium or when we began, there is always something we can do to bring more power and intent to our creative work, more direction to our creative process, and more prosperity through our art. Whether you are a writer or a visual artist, a budding artist, or a craftsperson, you are applying to your work the same creative principles that successful people use all the time. If we begin where you are right now, today, we will discover what steps you can take to live the life of the artist you want to be.

Methods of Working:I work with people in person, by e-mail, or by phone, and very often using a combination of all three. How we work is decided by the artist and myself, and can be very flexible.


I love working with:


  • people who are ready to explore their creativity and prosperity, whether they’ve been artists for a long time or are just beginning.  

  • budding artists of all kinds  

  • craftspeople who want to feel more confident about working creatively—letting go of patterns, for example, and letting their own ideas fly.  


I’m a working weaver, visual artist, and writer myself.  I have degrees in Psychology of Art and Expressive Arts, and I’ve done creativity coaching training with Eric Maisel as well as prosperity training with Bob Proctor.

Individual Services:

In addition to the more spontaneous form of creativity coaching that follows its own nose, I also offer what I call “guided coaching,” which uses a text as basic reference. This is ideal for people who hear the siren call of creativity but don’t have a particular medium to work in.


Workshops are being prepared to start by next year at the latest. I’ll be announcing them here and on my website as soon as I know what the dates will be.



I am in the planning stages of organizing art-and-prosperity retreats here in Corsica, where I live. I’ll be announcing these here and on my website when they’re ready.


Training and Experience:I have an M.A. in Psychology of Art and a B.A. in Expressive Arts. I’ve worked as a teacher, academic advisor, and junior faculty member of my graduate university. My life has centered around education and the creative process. I’m a working artist with a weaving business, and a writer on creative process. I’ve trained in creativity coaching with Eric Maisel several times since 2001. At present, I’m studying creative prosperity with Bob Proctor.


These days, I’m a weekly contributing editor of The Drawing Club, a site devoted to the visual art of drawing at htp://, where I present various aspects of the creative process. You can also access these articles on my website.



I like to make arrangements directly with clients. Fees are based on how we decide to structure our coaching. Please contact me.



Things are always changing, so please do contact me whenever you like.


Additional Comments:

Please visit my website. It’s full of information, tips, and links about living a creative life. And please write to me with any comments or questions at all. I’d love to hear from you.

Still have questions? See our Creativity Coach FAQ's
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