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Ellen Joy Johnson


All Creativity, Expressive Arts, Life Coaching, Music, Performing Arts


Business Name:

Sound Creativity



Ojai, California. United States




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In my soon to be published book “The Determination To Create (Finding Purpose Through Imagination)” my philosophy is summed up in these lines, “We are born out of the highest form of creation - the act of love and intimacy coupled with the perfect balance of life that combines opposites, (male and female, inside and outside), within the laws of the universe. If in our ability to love and relate we find creation and if this creation can be intended why is it any surprise to us that we have such a strong urge to create in our lives? From hobbies to fine art work to families and businesses our lives are surrounded with creativity and it’s unfolding purpose on a conscious or unconscious level. I am continuously amazed at the many forms of creative endeavors that drive people to practice long hours, use physical abilities or give up a “normal” existence to strive for the completion of a creative project. And what is gained by this activity is something that adds beauty and meaning to our day-to-day existence, something that inspires us to connect as human beings, something that helps us to function better, or something that fills us with purpose. I am always curious as to what drives people to do their creative activities and ultimately the essence is always wrapped up in having purpose in life. It is not for me to determine whether this purpose is spiritually driven or if it is a product of our survival mechanism but whatever the reason we are driven to create. It is my hope that my support, encouragement and insight as a coach can further someone to complete their sense of purpose and add more truth and beauty to the universe.”


Methods of Working:

Email, phone, in-person, group classes, workshops



I am a creativity coach who specializes in working with visual artists, musicians, composers, authors, actors, dancers, writers, entrepreneurs, business executives and anyone who desires to increase or discover their creativity. I have experience as a professional recognized performance artist, composer, publicist, entrepreneur/manager of my own companies that produce my creative works and works of other artists (Sound Visions Media & Vocal Visions), and I am currently writing two soon to be released books. My degrees in performance arts along with studies in Expressive Arts therapy techniques, Creativity Coaching with Eric Maisel, humanistic studies, media relations, sound healing, and related subjects allow me to offer a wide scope of coaching skills to my clients.


Individual Services:

  • One on one coaching by phone, email, or in person

  • Short Term and Long Term Coaching

  • Specific Project Coaching

  • Career Motivation

  • Vocal Presentation Coaching (for speakers, presenters, etc)

  • Media and music business consultation



We offer the following workshops throughout the year:

  • Creating From Your Heart

  • The Journey Towards Creativity

  • Realistic Goals For Unrealistic Dreams

  • Expressive Arts Self Discovery Workshops

All workshops deal with how to find your creativity, express yourself, set goals, and accomplish your dreams. 

See website for more details or current dates



Check website for updates 

Ellen is available to give talks to groups and organizations on any of her workshop topics.



We offer group classes for people who want to work together to develop greater creativity and stay motivated. We will also create a class you’re your own group of colleagues or friends. Contact us for availability and rates.



Check Website for updates


Training and Experience:

  • Creativity Coach Training with Eric Maisel, PhD

  • Certificate in Professional Training Program In Expressive Arts Therapy with Jane Goldberg, PhD

  • PHD Program, Integral Studies Expressive Arts, University of Humanistic Studies

  • Masters degree in Vocal Performance, San Diego State University

  • Bachelors Degree in Vocal Performance, American Conservatory of Music

  • UCLA Extension: Courses in Music Business Certificate Program, University of California, and Los Angeles, CA

  • American Institute of Musical Studies (AIMS), Graz, Austria

  • 6 Years Alexander Training with Ari Gil

  • Tama Do Academy Classes with Fabien Maman

  • Sound, Color & Vibration Training with Elias DeMohan (William David)

  • Vocal & Improvisation training with Bobby McFerrin, Sheila Jordan, Jay Clayton, John Clayton and more

  • 30 years professional singing/acting training and experience in Chicago, Los Angeles, Europe, New York, Portland, Brazil, and San Diego

  • 25 years experience as an educator (private coaching, workshops, clinics, residencies, university and colleges) California Polytechnic University Pomona, University of San Diego, USC Master Classes, Old Globe Theater MFA Program, Rubicon Theater Summer Youth Program, Cerritos College, Portland Community College, National Association of Teachers of Singing, International Association of Jazz Educators, see for more info or request resume.



  • The Determination To Create (book in progress)

  • CDs available: These Days, Chinchilla Serenade, Too Good To Title, Illuminations, From A Mother’s Heart, Vocal Builders, You Sing Jazz, Form and Formless (release date 2009)

  • The Vocal Warm Up CD



Please contact me for current price information



Openings for email and phone clients in any location. 

In person and class clients must be located in the Ventura or LA area.


Additional Comments:

  • Available for private vocal coaching for singers, actors, public speakers and conference presentation at

  • Can help produce CD’s and promote artists through

Still have questions? See our Creativity Coach FAQ's
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