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Gilles Gambade


1. All creativity
2. Success & recognition
3. Self-confidence
4. Creativity potential
5. Artist self-development

Business Name:

TopTeam World


Athens, Greece



+30 6944295181

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I truly think that Creative Minds do not need any kind of fixing and they have inside them all the energy and resources to fully utilize their internal creative process in order to achieve their professional and personal aspirations. My role as a Creativity Coach is to help Creative Minds discovering and utilizing at best their creativity potential.
· I recognise the importance of relationship between Coach and Coachee and there has to be an ultra high level of trust and openness.
· I realize that my own creativity is part of the coaching process and I give special attention to manage the inter-relation generated by that.
· I fully believe in the power of goals and action - both at the individual and professional level
· My coaching style is Situational and Client Centric depending on coachee’s intentions and situation, it can vary from 'non-directive' to 'co-creation'.


Methods of Working:

I work with my coachees face to face, by telephone and skype and I very often work with a mixed approach combining in-person sessions with virtual sessions.
Duration of working sessions can widely vary depending on the theme selected by the coachee.
As a starting poiut, I propose individual coaching programs with an initial amount of 6 sessions for a duration of 3 months.



My coaching approach is eclectic as it draws on a number of sources of inspiration including Systemic Theory, Cognitive Behavioral Theory, Gestalt, Solution-Focused Coaching, Co-Active Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. In addition, I am certified for the use of a number of personality tests.
I am presently following the creativity coaching certification program of the Creativity Coaching Association


Individual Services:

I help creative minds clarify their goals and aspirations and then come up with doable actions that will effortlessly get them to where they want to be. As a creativity coach I am:
· 100% committed to the success of my coaches
· Available in between sessions for free email coaching to keep my coachee continually supported
· Constantly inspiring and motivating along the way
· Giving my coachee a completely confidential service
· A hand to hold or rocket fuel if my coachee needs it
· Offering unconditional support throughout the coaching process
· Always providing creative ways of helping my coaches believing in him/her even when he/she doesn't

Still have questions? See our Creativity Coach FAQ's
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