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Helen Klebesadel


All Creativity/Visual artists/ Getting Unstuck/ Feminist/ Art 


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Creativity Lessons 


Madison, Wisconsin, USA


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I believe that creativity is at the core of who we are and the arts are one of the ways we think and express what we know to be true— our deepest truths for which there may not be words.   Many of us have learned to put limits on our creativity or have absorbed socially defined invisible barriers that prevent us from realizing our full creative potential. My goal is to help you to identify those barriers and to dissolve them. If you are feeling blocked, are in need of focus, could use more accountability, or have an unexpressed dream that you are yearning to fulfill I could be a good person for you to work with to figure out how to embrace authentic self and use your own beliefs and values to inform the content of your life and your art.


Methods of Working:

I offer coaching over the phone, in person, by skype or via e-mail, whichever you prefer, or a combination.  I also regularly offer arts-based creativity workshops, which are listed on my website.  I am very useful in helping individuals discover how their art and what they value in the world can align. 



Because of my years as a professor and administrator in higher education I have a rich and diverse creative background in the visual arts and arts activism with an emphasis on the places the arts converge with women and gender studies and concerns for the environment. I respect and support engaging in creative work in all forms, at all levels, and by all people.  I can be particular helpful to:

  • Artists, arts educators, and arts activists: professional, emerging, and aspiring artists of any age and gender who seeking more meaning, creativity and authenticity in their lives and art and career paths;

  • Women creatives and/or feminists, who are seeking more with regard to realizing more creative and balanced lives, or the courage to go for their dream careers, especially in the arts or arts or higher education related careers;

  • Second career artists, who have come to the arts late in life, with or without training who want to take their art to the next level in quality and visibility

While I have an academic back ground I can also be highly intuitive. I can listen deeply as you find the way to articulate what matters most for you in your art and your life.  This can be a clarifying experience that can free you to define your goals and start take your next steps toward the art and life you seek.                   

Individual Services Offered:

My services include individual face-to-face and online creativity coaching, mentoring, consulting, art as well as group creativity workshops.  I also have online coaching and art-at-your-own-pace offerings. My goals for my clients in all methods are:

  • To help individuals find and articulate their creative goals for themselves with the larger expectation of having more meaningful and fulfilling lives through expanded creative practice, better work/life balance, and more successful careers;

  • To help artists, who are too often isolated in their studios, think through their goals and action steps toward the creation of bodies of work, projects, or business plans that are centered in their values and personally defined creative practice;

  • To help people find their authentic creative voices by giving them permission create art that values their experiences and values. 

Training and Experience:

  • MFA in Visual Art

  • 30 years as a practicing professional visual artist 

  • 25+ plus years teaching and leading at the college level in visual art and Women and Gender Studies

  • 25+ years offering private and group workshops, classes, and retreats the visual arts. creativity and professional practice

  • CCA Certified Creativity Coach


  • “Critique as Signature Pedagogy in the Arts" in the book "Exploring Signature Pedagogies: Approaches to Teaching Disciplinary Habits of Mind" Authored with Lisa Kornetsky. edited volume. 2008 

  • “Reframing Studio Art Production and Critique”, in New Museum Theory:  An Introduction.  Ed. Jane Marstine, Blackwell Publishers, 2006

Workshops Offered: 

Half-day, Full-day, Multi-day workshops and retreats offered in:

  • Finding Flow:  Arts-based Creativity Lessons for a Centered Life

  • Career Planning for Artists (Based on Spring Board for the Arts Trainings)

  • Visual Journaling for Creative Growth

  • SMARTS:  Start Making Art group support workshops for artists 

  • Unique arts-based creativity workshop designed for your group or community

Talks Offered: 

Talks available for the following subjects:

  • Using Your Own Life as Source and Resource in the Arts

  • Creating with Courage and Confidence

  • Tools to Cultivate Your Creativity

  • Also available: Individually tailored speeches upon specific requests.

Classes Offered:

 Finding Your Voice As An Artist-online

Creativity: Finding Flow and Your Artists Voice

Creativity: Becoming Your Own Muse

Retreats Offered: 

Re-Vision Arts-based Creativity Intensive 3-day to 5-day depending on location.



Monthly fees range from $250.00 to $1,000.00 a month depending on the type of program we choose to set up.  For individuals seeking optimum benefits through coaching, I recommend a 3-month coaching agreement as lasting results do not usually happen in one month. Working together in 90-day cycles creates momentum and builds new habits.


I am self-employed and flexible. Please contact me.

Still have questions? See our Creativity Coach FAQ's
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