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Iveta Havlova


All Creativity, Unblocking Creativity, Career Transitions , Burnout, Writers


Business Name:

Creativity Paths


Prague, The Czech Republic



(+ 420) 602-736-797 (The Czech Republic) and Skype: Iveta.Havlova1


Web Site:


Everyone is born as a creative creature. But early on, parents, teachers, friends start telling us that there is only one right way this or that should be done. No crazy ideas, leaping into black holes, making mistakes earn you your bread and butter, they fear. And your creativity (and also courage) gets blocked. 

If you have decided to contact a creativity coach, you are “in danger” that you will reach the exact North of your life journey and that your biggest and sweetest dream will come true. :-) I work with clients’ blocks, help target their personal North and stay on track.


Methods of Working:

I offer coaching via email, Skype calls or video transmissions (free of charge) or phone. Or you can choose a combination of Skype/phone and e-mail.



  • Artist’s Way (a course in unblocking creativity based on the book by Julia Cameron)

  • My Way (weekend retreats: looking for personal meaning in life + transforming a dream into a project + actions steps / timelines / accountability tools)

  • Deep writing (workshops)


Currently, all workshops are held in The Czech Republic.

Training and Experience:

  • Training: Law Faculty of Charles University in Prague (degree in law)

  • Erickson College (certified Erickson’s coach, solution-focused coaching)

  • Dr. Eric Maisel (creativity coaching training - introductory and advanced classes)

  • Coaching Center, Prague (a certificate in team coaching)

  • Experience:

  • Deputy Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic

  • Host of The Artist’s Way circles

  • Founder and Co-owner of a publishing company Otevreni (Open)

  • Founder of a platform for emerging artists in Prague

  • 500+ hours of coaching  (creativity coaching, meaning coaching, transitions coaching, career coaching, life coaching)

  • A published poet, writer, a passionate painter, photographer and dancer.



  • Complimentary 30 minute initial phone session

  • Monthly fees range from $100.00 to $400.00 a month depending on the type of program you choose to set up.

  • For optimum benefits, I recommend a 3 month coaching agreement as lasting results do not usually happen in one month. Working together in 90-day empowerment cycles creates momentum and builds new habits.



I have spaces available for individual clients.

Still have questions? See our Creativity Coach FAQ's
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