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Jana Van der Veer


writers, all creativity, getting unstuck, productivity, time management


Business Name:

Jana Van der Veer, Writing and Creativity Coach



Arlington, Massachusetts, United States










Creativity is our birthright, and there is no better feeling than being in the flow of creating. As a coach, I give support and guidance to find your best ways of working to be in the flow more often, and fulfill your creative dreams.


Methods of Working:

email, phone, Skype, in-person individual sessions or group workshops



general creativity coaching; coaching for writers in the areas of developing story structure and strong, emotionally resonant characters, as well as supporting you in developing habits conducive to maintaining your life as a writer - developing successful strategies to deal with blocks, procrastination, rejection, time management, and other psychological barriers to optimal creativity. Also, support for the "business" of being a writer, such as querying, networking, attending conferences and residencies, and other ways of "putting yourself out there" - whether you're a natural introvert or extravert.


Individual Services:

although I don't offer line-by-line critique of projects, I can work with you at any stage of the process: developing goals for completing a project, guiding you through revision issues, working through blocks, or just starting out! If you have specific issues around plot and structure or characterization, my courses Fundamentals of Story Structure and Develop Your Characters Through Emotional Biography are available as e-courses. What we work on is up to you! I provide, support, guidance, and accountability as we focus on your goals and dreams.


Courses and Workshops offered:

Fundamentals of Story Structure; Develop Your Characters Through Emotional Biography; Killer Pitches, Queries, and Synopses; Create Your Own Writing Retreat


Training and Experience:

Certified Creativity Coach; M.F.A. in Creative Writing and M.A. in Intercultural Relations, from Lesley University; leader of creativity groups, online and in person since 1997. Resident of the Noepe Center for Literary Arts, 2013 and 2014.



Include The Journal of Pedagogy, Pluralism, and Practice; The blog Creative Swim and guest posts on various other blogs.



Please contact me for current pricing.



I'm ready to work with writers and other creatives who are committed to taking action to achieve their dreams! Will today be another day when you stumble over your creative blocks, or will you contact me to get the support of a coach in your corner to help you finally overcome those blocks and begin living your best creative life?

Still have questions? See our Creativity Coach FAQ's
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