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Janet Allyson Pfeiffer


All Creativity, Beginners, Getting Unstuck, Re-visiting, Self Esteem


Business Name:

Next Step Creativity Coaching



Perth. Australia



08 9204 1052

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Most of us have not been trained to believe that we can be and do whatever we put our mind to. Some have only discovered this later in life and find they are not equipped to take those first important steps towards their creative dreams. There are numerous setbacks and obstacles we creators come up against and if we don’t have the support and resources we need to keep going, we can easily give up. As your creative coach my role is to walk along side you, beginning with where you are right now and help you commit to taking the steps you need to become the working artist you want to be.

Methods of Working:



I specialize in working with beginners and those re-visiting their creative life. The training I have comes from my own personal journey and work as a full-time Visual Artist. I have trained with Dr. Eric Maisel and I am currently enrolled in the CCA Coaching Certification Program. I also have worked as a creative workshop leader within the Mental Health Community and on Spiritual Retreats. I have completed a 2-year Spiritual Directors course and have a Certificate 4 in Visual Merchandising. Much of my life-experience comes from 15 years involved in Team Ministry.


Individual Services:

Expressive Art Workshops are offered from my home studio in Perth, Western Australia


I offer Creative Art Workshops for small groups within the community and Art as Meditation for retreat groups.


Creativity Coaching is offered in person, by phone or by email or a combination of all three.



Expressive Art Workshop


3-hr art workshop. An opportunity to explore a variety of painting techniques to inspire and kick-start your own unique style and begin your creative journey. Limited to 2-3 participants in my home studio.


Community Workshops


These are creative art workshops that are designed to meet the individual needs of the community group.


Art as Meditation


Suitable for spiritual retreats. Creative activities are explored as a playful way to get in touch with our own unique creative self and to bring about a stillness and quiet with-in.



Creativity Coaching

In-person, by email or by phone. Some clients use a combination of these. These classes are tailored to each individual but will always begin with where you are right now. We explore what it is you are hoping for in your creative life, and then look at what is necessary to make it happen for you.

Training and Experience:
-Currently practicing as a full-time Visual Artist. 
-Currently enrolled in the CCA Coaching Certification Program. 
-Training with Dr. Eric Maisel 
-Creative Workshop Leader within the Mental Health Community. 
-Expressive Art Workshop Leader on Spiritual Retreats. 
-Certificate 4 in Visual Merchandising 
-2-yr Spiritual Directors training course 
-15-yrs Ministry Team Involvement 
-12-mths Research Interviewer 
- 4-yrs Customer Services Officer 
-4-yrs Fitness Instructor 
-12-mths Telephone Counselor 
-12mths Massage & Beauty Therapist in Psychiatric Hospital


3-hr Expressive Art w/shops from $ 60-100 (Aus)


Creativity Coaching classes from $120-160 (Aus) per mth


For Retreat W/shops or Community Group W/shops or any further inquires about pricing contact:



I am currently seeking participants who are located near Perth for my Expressive Art Workshops and I have spaces available for Creativity Coaching client’s in-person, by email or by phone.

Additional Comments:

I look forward to hearing from you!

Still have questions? See our Creativity Coach FAQ's
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