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Jerry Ann Fenter


All Ages, All Creativity, Building confidence, Creativity, Self Esteem

Business Name:

Fenter Studios


Appleton, Washington. United States




Web Site:


I have good people skills and really enjoy watching and assisting others to overcome the issues that block their creative success. I have two degrees in psychology and have supported myself as a visual artist for many years. I also do some writing. I can walk the talk. Helping people succeed on their chosen, original artistic path is truly fun for me. I am down to earth, try to stay grounded and like to pepper my counseling with a little humor. Humor is truth…only faster.

Methods of Working:

I work mainly through E-mail because of my location. I live in the deep woods of the Cascade Mountains. But I am also open to phone and in-person coaching. I am always available to set up a workshop or class for groups that may feel they can benefit from my help. I am very flexible.


I specialize in all areas of the arts and creative tasks. This includes painting, writing, design, cooking, comedy, acting, directing and most other activities that use the right side of the brain in their planning and problem solving. I am good with administrative people who need direction in the workplace on how to motivate their staff to be more creative. I also work well with middle aged people who are looking for a more creative life, maybe starting over in a new and artistic direction.

Individual Services:

I start with a free E-mail to fully try and understand what kind of things a client needs from me. We look together at their goals and obstacles and see if I’m the right person to help them move forward in their chosen creative direction. If I am, we continue. If not, I try to direct them to someone or someplace that can help.

If we choose to work together we take it from there. I will use most anything to help motivate a client. I tailor each path to the person.


I offer workshops, classes and retreats based directly on the requested needs of the individual client, art or business group. Some past workshops and classes I’ve given are “Creative Problem Solving”, “Changing Directions”, “Encouraging Creativity in the Classroom”, and “Finding Creativity in a Busy Life”.

Training and Experience:

BA and MST in Psychology and Education at Portland State University, Portland, Oregon.


I worked as a full time teacher and Alternative Schools teacher in Portland Public Schools and Multnomah County Education Service District.


Taught delinquent and disadvantaged grade school and high school students. I have worked at Rosemont in Portland, Oregon and spent seven years teaching at Multnomah County Juvenile Court, both of which are locked facilities.


I spent two years as the Director of Thomas Edison High School on the Jesuit High School campus in Portland, Oregon. This school is a private facility for learning disabled students.


I have been a full-time artist for the past 20 years.


I have taught art and creativity classes at Portland Community College in Portland, Oregon and at Columbia Gorge Community College in The Dalles, Oregon. I teach many private art and writing classes in the area and teach one class a year in Melaque, Mexico.


Additional Comments:

I’m lucky to have the perfect combination of education, experience, training, talent and life skills to guide clients towards their desired creative path and purpose.

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