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Joanne Sprott


Crafters, Writers, Releasing Blocks, Spiritual Inspiration, All Creativity


Business Name:

Word Touch


Houston, Texas




Web Site:


Ever wonder where your muse went? Remember when you were excited about taking up creative work or play, and for many reasons, your muse abandoned you (people shut you down, you shut you down, practical life distracted you, responsibilities intervened)?

From my experience counseling and being a muse for artists and artisans, musicians and crafters, I’ve found that a soul-filled, spiritual approach to one’s muse can be very effective in starting or restarting that relationship that will fulfill you on all levels and will also create beauty and inspiration for those in your circle of life.

I’ve taken the wisdom of my informal sessions in helping people find their muses and created a process I call Dancing with Your Muse, which focuses on finding or re-finding your creative inspiration in the past or present, and then by helping you be in the present, allows you to stay aware of the promptings of your muse and act on them instead of projecting obstacles into the future and creating nothing but procrastination. We’ll also spend time with your dreams, with a practical focus on how to get there by starting right now with resources and practices that we’ll discover together.


Methods of Working:

phone, in-person, email



The energies and mental/spiritual disciplines I bring to my coaching practice include Tae Kwon Do (1st degree black belt), Reiki II energy healing, Soul Unification work, Quantum-Touch healing modality, Jungian archetypal analysis, and the wisdom of being in the Now from Eckhart Tolle.


Individual Services Offered:

In order to discover our match as creative artist and coach, I like to have folks begin with my group online sessions, which include a guided meditation and intuitive writing experience. I then offer individual sessions, which focus on phone interactions with follow-up emails or if the person is local, in-person sessions. You can begin with an introductory session and then go to ad-hoc hourly sessions focused on your particular path, or commit to a longer-term process that goes through all the steps of Dancing with Your Muse.


Talks Offered:

Beyond Words Radio Show – I host a weekly radio show on Tuesdays at noon Central time, sponsored by Believe in the Moment (, where I interview inspirational guests about their creative efforts in writing, visual arts, music, crafts, with a focus on how the creative process works for them.


Classes Offered:

Dancing with Your Muse—The Introduction: This is an hour to an hour and a half online mini-class offered twice a month through that includes a guided awareness meditation followed by an intuitive writing session and discussion centered on connecting with the muse and how that felt.


Training and Experience:

Experience has been primarily made up of informal counseling sessions with folks interested in pursuing their creative idea but needing someone to open an accepting space for them and cheerlead for their idea. I will be taking courses here at CCA to add more formal credentials to my years of informal experience. My BA degree is in Linguistics, and my primary work experience for the past 17 years has been in running a freelance editing and book indexing business.



Please contact me at the email shown above to talk about how best to apply Dancing with Your Muse to your own creative space.



I’m looking to expand my semi-monthly online mini-class to give people an introduction to their muses. It’s a very cost-effective way to see how my process can work for you. Either contact me directly, or head over to and you can sign up.

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