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John MacDonald


Anxiety, Goal setting, Illustrators, Marketing, Visual Artists

Business Name:Berkshire Creativity Coac



Williamstown, Massachusetts. United States




Phone: 413-458-0056


Web Site:



Our creative dreams are made real only by working. My goal as a creativity coach is to help you work consistently, efficiently, imaginatively, authentically, intelligently, deeply, and happily.



• We work consistently by holding the intention to work daily.

• We work efficiently by setting goals, making plans, and committing to a daily schedule.

• We work imaginatively by learning to open to the risk of the unknown and to question our preconceptions and beliefs.

• We work authentically by doing work that is meaningful to us and by adhering to our inner values.

• We work intelligently by using our whole brains—both left and right, and by learning to skillfully shift from one to the other as the work demands it.

• We work deeply by become self-aware: by learning to recognize and understand the fears, blocks, and habits which are inhibiting our creativity.

• We work happily by forgiving and accepting ourselves for our imperfections and mistakes, by trusting our abilities, by working with a sense of humility and humor, by sharing our work and connecting intimately with others, and lastly, by remaining aware of the “big picture”—the beauty and brevity of this life in which we can experience the joy of art-making.

Methods of Working:Will meet clients in person, by phone, or via email; usually twice per week.



Specializing in working with Visual Artists, particularly HSPs (Highly Sensitive Persons) for whom fear and anxiety are obstacles in their search for their creative, authentic vision and voice.

Training includes 3 month class with Eric Maisel, "Creativity Coaching with Visual Artists," January 2006.

Personal work as a visual artist includes 30 years as a full time painter and freelance illustrator, managing my promotion, marketing, record keeping, and style development.

Painting experience includes numerous group, solo shows, and workshops. Currently a member of NAPPAP (National Academy of Professional Plein Air Painters).

Illustration experience includes working for national clients, New York and West Coast representation, membership in the Graphic Artists Guild, Illustrators Partnership of America, and the Society of Illustrators; Print Regional Design awards and inclusion in the Society of Illustrators' 43rd annual.

Maintains a serious meditation practice in the mindfulness/vipassana tradition.

Individual Services:Coaching information and guidelines:


• Duration.

The typical client session lasts no more than three months; however, one lesson may suffice, or you may wish to work with me on a long term basis. It is entirely your decision if and when to end the service.


• Frequency of contact.

Generally, I contact my clients twice weekly. If we are using emails, you may send an email to me at any time. I will answer twice weekly.


• Silence.


If I do not hear from you within one week (hopefully because work is going so well that you’ve no time for me), I’ll check in with a brief note.



• What I will need from you.


A willingness to work with me. You may drop out at any time for any reason. But if you stay with it, I only ask that you take it seriously. As with any activity, the benefits are proportional to the effort.



• Issues / Topics.


You will determine which issue/topic we address. The topic can be anything of your choice. It is best, however, if we work on one issue at a time or, at most, two related issues. If I feel that a related or deeper issue needs addressing, I’ll suggest it. And you may do likewise.



• Our coaching relationship.


I’m human and an artist, just like you. I struggle with all the issues that confront artists, just like you. Our relationship may resemble at times a coach-client relationship and a other times a relationship between equals and peers. I will try to adapting to a style with which you most feel comfortable.



Please contact me at the email shown above.

Still have questions? See our Creativity Coach FAQ's
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