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Judith Nasse


All Creativity, Creative child within, Getting Unstuck, Life Coaching, Success


Business Name:

Art of Creativity


Taos, New Mexico. United States




Web Site:


Creativity is who you are, and you deserve to have and keep it in your daily life. You also deserve to succeed in your creative goals. We get stuck when we can’t find time or energy in our daily lives, when we don’t have clear goals, when we don’t feel supported in our creativity, when our self-confidence is low, and when we have too many creative ideas and talents and can’t focus. My goal is to help you meet these challenges and overcome them according to your own pacing and needs. Let me help you to be inspired and to become the creator you are destined to be!


Methods of Working:

e-mail, in-person, and phone

Individual Services:

I help you with goal setting, choosing projects, setting your routines, turning negative self-talk and habits into positive affirmations, finding the time and energy to create in your busy life, helping you find that your work matters, and helping you strengthen your skills.



· Art of Creativity Workshop

· Support Groups, either on-line or in-person



· Creativity Your Style

· Art of Creativity


Training and Experience:

I trained with Eric Maisel to become a Creativity Coach, and trained in Success Principals with Jack Canfield’s Coaching. Other degrees include: Advanced novel writing certificate from Writer’s Digest, MA in Arts and Consciousness from JFKU in Orinda, CA, Diploma in Educational Psychology from the University of London, England, and a BA in Sociology, University of Hawaii.


Please contact me



I have openings in my on-going workshop in Taos; and I have spaces available for individual clients.


Additional Comments:

I wish you amazing luck on your creative journey. Trust in your process, and may your creativity bring you joy.

Still have questions? See our Creativity Coach FAQ's
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