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Karen Andrews


1. Visual Artist coach
2. Life Coaching
3. Getting unstuck 
4. Personal transformation
5. Unblocking Yourself

Business Name:

Karen Andrews Coaching


West Stockbridge, Massachusetts. United States


Web Site:


To thrive as an artist or creative person in this world, one needs to become an expert in self-awareness, proactivity and self-support. Artists need to optimize their mental, emotional, relational, physical and spiritual health to thrive in this time or great opportunity and enormous upheaval. Creative people also tend to have powerful inner critics, and therefore need powerful tools to transform these energies.

Methods of Working:

Phone, Skype, In-Person, Email


Visual artists, craftspeople, writers, folk musicians, and entrepreneurs.

Individual Services:

I offer a free initial session (20 minutes) to determine if this is a fit. If so, we work collaboratively in blocks of 3, 6 or 12 week programs. I can also do single sessions, but I feel that committing to a longer process will ensure better results.


All of the above, as well as customized programs, are available for classes. Classes may be via email, tele-classes, yahoo group classes , or live classes. Some classes, because of the nature of the content or means of submission, may limit the amount of participants.

E-mail me and we will find the right form, the right content, and the right price, for your group, or for open groups.

Training and Experience:

I have completed two courses with Eric Maisel: Beginning and Advanced Creativity Coaching. I have read and studied much of the creativity coaching literature. I organized and participate in two co-supervision groups. I am certified and highly experienced in the following processes for self-exploration, development and communication: Focusing, Heartmath, Mediation, Nonviolent Communication, Internal Family Systems, and Co-Counseling.


Please contact me at my email:


I have several openings for individual clients at present

Still have questions? See our Creativity Coach FAQ's
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