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Karen I-Kemper


Getting Unstuck, Visual Artists, Writers, journaling, mixed media



Long Island, New York. United States





(631) 828-2487



We are beings of fusion: energy, chemistry, and spirit. What moves us is unique, what stops us is predictable. Creating is not just about art or fiction or music or theatre. Creating is about awareness, synthesizing, and most of all and simply, about choice. Partnership with a coach can help change the stress of making decisions, and offer a touchstone when connection to creative goals seems lost.

Methods of Working:

Phone, email, in-person( in combination when possible)

Specializations:Self-calming strategies, understanding the true physical nature of creating process and problem solving, changing negative self-talk all incorporated during years of practice in emotional health work as a therapist.

Individual Services: Encourage a variety of self-nurturing and self-challenging activities as Well as validating efforts, feelings, and addressing specific/personal goals.

Workshops:Variety of Bookbinding classes, Visual Journaling, Sketching (and watercolor) for Journal artists, Creative Process; Future Project: Discovering ARTlantis@ a creative journey




The Creative Brain: how it works; the Visual Journal (the observation of the everyday)


Training and Experience: Over twenty years experience as a Therapist specializing in setting attainable goals. CCA certified creativity coach. Personal interest In writing and the visual arts as well as collecting works about the Process of creating/solution- finding/journaling.

Publications: CCA Newsletter articles 2007/2008, Sundance newsletter1995


Pricing: I’M CURIOUS phone call, NO charge! INTENSIVE: 2 weeks+ to ‘jumpstart’ specific work or project (get past the crisis of starting) / frequent contacts-phone work/emails if needed


$100. BREAKTHROUGH: ten weeks ( clients usually experience a ‘moment’ which propels their work forward during this time) email/phone weekly $235 NOTES AND KEYS: three months+ you will receive a one-of –a-kind Notebook to aid in organizing info about creative process/set a plan/ And collect ‘keys’ (strategies, references, clues to why and how things progress in creating) email/phone contacts-designed to allow for some natural breaks to allow for exploring and evaluating so contacts do not have to be weekly but allow for twelve phone contacts plus email check-ins. $297.

Additional ‘months’ can be added as you wish. Would consider scholarship applicants-coaching at no charge- in fostering growth


Am currently seeking visual artists/writers willing to work on a themed Journey of Creative exploration. Think Jacques Cousteau meets Indiana Jones...we are all excavating those treasure filled places inside of us!


Additional Comments:

Gentle but direct approach with emphasis on discovering one’s own true Motivations. Practical and fun solutions to learn to harness your powers.

Still have questions? See our Creativity Coach FAQ's
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