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Kathy Shalhoub


1. Writers
2. Life Coaching
3. Fulfillment
4. Life Purpose
5. Happiness


Business Name:

The Keif Project



Dubai, United Arab Emirates




Philosophy: Three big things that really matter to me when I'm coaching: Fun (I'm all about getting in touch with the 5-year-old inside and keeping her around -laughter, tears, snot and all!), Confidentiality (You know how it goes, what happens in coaching, stays in coaching!) and Honesty (Facebook, for example, is probably not the place to vent your frustrations!)

Methods of Working:In-person and by phone. (I don't do email coaching)


Specializations: As a certified creativity and life coach, I've had over 200 coaching hours with clients, helping them find fulfillment, happiness and a more creative life. I started writing when I was 8 and despite a 12 year detour into science and engineering, never stopped. I have a PhD in Marine Optics, so my analytical skills are top-notch and that really helps when it comes to coaching, because I'm really good at hearing the inconsistencies in my clients' self talk. On the flip side, I'm an award-winning creative writer, and my last book was a finalist in two categories of the International Book Awards. So I also know the elation and anguish of putting your heart and soul into a creative work. I've been an invited author several times to the International Literature Festival in Dubai, so public speaking, giving workshops and being in public is now second nature (and fun!)

Services Offered: I work primarily with women to:

  • Explore (like Dora!) your life purpose and your creative triggers.

  • Give a voice to your dreams and your creative self.

  • Overcome (like a she-warrior!) hurdles that may be slowing you down.

  • Subdue negative self-talk and conquer criticism (creative or otherwise). ha yah!

  • Discover and defeat the habits that may be holding you back.

  • Fight the big four fears (judgment, success, failure, the unknown).

  • Gain the courage to fully inhabit your womanity!


Training and Experience: My biggest learnings in life have come from trusting my intuition (despite and against conventional wisdom), following my heart, being true to myself and my values, and considering life to be one great big adventure. Aside from traveling the world, speaking 4 languages comfortably, practicing every sport I could get my hands dirty with, having kids, living on three different continents and coming from a multi-national background, my professional (ha!) qualifications include:

  • Certified Co-active Coach (CPCC) accredited by the International Coaches Federation

  • CCA-Certified Creativity Coach

  • Published Author

  • Certified Workshop Trainer (ICTN)

  • PMP (Project Management Professional)

  • Accredited Team Management Systems Administrator

  • PhD in Marine Optics

  • M.S. in Ocean Engineering from MIT

  • B.E. in Electrical Engineering

Also, check out my TEDx talk on The Power of Distraction ( from Scientific publications:

  • Life as a Leb-neh Lover: The Identity Crisis of a Maybe Lebanese (2011, Turning Point Books)

  • 2012: End of Days (First Prize Short Story published in The National)



Write to me at for pricing details.


Availability:I'll always make room for those who really need it. Write to me at

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