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Liga Dzene


Goal setting, Life Coaching, Self-Confidence, Writers

Business Name:

Juicy Lemon



Bristol. United Kingdom




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Creating is the true essence of life. Everyone deserves to live the way they want to live and there is not better feeling then realization that you are in control of your life and you are responsible for creating the way you want it.
Unfortunately not everyone knows how to do it and where to start.
Good news is that it is possible to change your life for better and only thing required from you is giving yourself a chance to believe in it.

Methods of Working:

Phone (preferable), face to face, e-mail, walking


I have always been interested in human psychology and been studying it since I was 16. What interested me most was why people do thing they do. Only later I got interest in how to change this behavior and have more positive life style.
I studied Business Administration and Psychology in Latvia (my home country) and when in 2005 I came to United Kingdom and found new passion – coaching.
I did a course with Insights in 2009. My passion for arts and writing led me towards Creativity coaching in 2010 and since then I have been studying how to help people open their true creative potential and achieve success in being creative professional.

Individual Services:

The main aspect of coaching is goals. Goals that YOU want to achieve in your life and how to achieve them.
If it was easy (and it is) everyone of us would have had life we want but that’s not reality. When we sit down to write novel or paint we realize that our “best” friends: anxiety, low self esteem, creative blocks sits next to us and take control over our work.
In coaching we will work hand in hand to eliminate whatever is in the way so you would be able to finish novel and find a publisher much faster or sell your painting for best possible rather than being by yourself and not knowing how to fight these demons.

Walking coaching cover the same issues and information as above. Only instead of being on the phone or sitting in office we will go for a walk. Walking is one of the best exercises to improve health and stimulate your mind to more positive thinking and get better results.


Training and Experience:

Life coach certificate with New Insights, Introductory course in personal coaching with The Coaching Academy, trainings with Tony Robbins, Christopher Howard, T Harv Eker and other organizations.
Self study: Julia Cameron, Eric Maisel and others.

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