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Lynn Wyvill


Discovering your creative side, Getting Unstuck, Entrepreneurs, Writing



Fredericksburg, Virginia. United States







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I believe that everyone is creative and that creativity can be expressed in every aspect of life – personal and professional – not only pursuits such as painting, music, sculpture, writing and other art forms.  Our creativity is how we express ourselves and our uniqueness.  Incorporating creative expression into our lives enriches us and those around us.  Everyone has creative potential that is waiting to be discovered. 


My interest is exploring creativity for the self-proclaimed "I don't have a creative bone in my body" person through workshops designed to help people let go of their inner critic and play.   


Training and Experience:

I am a CCA Certified Creativity coach. I completed a training specialist certification program at Georgetown University.  I have over 25 years communications experience.  First, as a writer and producer of radio, TV feature and informational videos and then as an entrepreneur working as a business presentation consultant and trainer.    



Currently, I am taking a break to write a book of reflections on nature’s gifts to us.  


Additional Comments:

Over the years, I have explored my creative side with acting, improv, ceramics, making jewelry, drawing, sewing, needlework, collage, photography and writing.  

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