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Maggie Yowell


All Creativity, Expressive Arts, Poets, Spirit, Theatre Arts, Visual Artists, Writers


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Spirit Heart Journeys


Seattle, Washington. United States




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I am a Collage Artist, SoulCollage Facilitator, Veriditas Certified Labyrinth Facilitator, Creativity Coach and Doula. I recognize the sacred in the ordinary, and enjoy exploring the intersection between creativity and spirituality. I am currently studying to be a Spiritual Director with the Mercy Center and Haden Institute. My workshops and retreats are filled with curiosity, spirit, creativity, warmth and compassion. In one-on-one coaching, I help you to spark your own creativity through the use of visual images, journaling, dreamwork, movement, poetry and play. We work together to find your own creative passions.


Methods of Working:

In-person, email or telephone, we’ll work together to find the method that works best for you.



Top 50 Women Lawyers in Washington State by Washington Law and Politics magazine in 2007. As a lawyer and nonprofit board member, I have founded a nonprofit organization and worked on some of the business aspects of running an arts organization including marketing and public relations, organizational development and human resource issues.


Individual Services:

One-on-one creativity coaching is designed to spark your creative passions, connect you with Spirit, and enliven your own creative journey. In one-on-one coaching, I like to use all forms of creative inspiration -- visual images, journaling, dreamwork, movement, poetry and play. We work together to find your own creative passions. 

I will also be offering spiritual direction beginning in August 2007. I am particularly interested in working with individuals that are exploring the relationship between creativity and spirituality.



Introduction to SoulCollage –SoulCollage, a process developed by Seena Frost, involves working with the language of symbols, images, and archetypes to discover the ongoing "story of you." This workshop will provide an overview of the SoulCollage process, and then help you begin creating a personal deck of SoulCollage cards. First you intuitively select powerful images that reflect the different parts of who you are. Using collage, an art process easy for anyone, you can start creating a "four suit" deck that you can add to, delight in, and consult for a lifetime. The suits are: the Committee, the Community, the Companions, and the Council. Every card is unique and personal, forming a visual journal. Making and consulting these cards is deepening for the soul while at the same time it is magical and fun. 

SoulCollage Retreat Day - For beginning and more advanced SoulCollagers. We'll explore the SoulCollage process in more depth, making cards and learning to "read" the cards, listening to and speaking from your inner voice, to answer life's questions. You'll experience your own inner wisdom in a new and meaningful way. 

Journey of the Soul Retreat Day - Using the SoulCollage process, you'll learn several techniques for using your cards as an ongoing practice of soulwork –reading the cards, journalling, poetry, prayer, storytelling. Each participant will go on a Soul Journey, seeking the wisdom of the cards. 

Introduction to Sacred Mandalas - Create your own personal mandala using collage, colored pencils, paints and other art materials. Discover the colors, images, symbols and patterns that make your sacred circle. 

Creating Personal Labyrinths - The labyrinth is an ancient symbol that has been found in many cultures through the ages. It is an archetypal pattern that relates to wholeness, a purposeful path and the feminine divine. In this experiential workshop you'll learn about the labyrinth's history, symbolism, and use as a tool for meditation, transformation and spiritual growth. You also will create your own personal finger labyrinth using acrylic paints, pastels, and collage. 

Mirror to the Soul: Mask Making Workshop – Create a mask that represents your inner vision, your creative self, your alter ego, your soul’s heart. Then explore what that part of you has to say through dance, storytelling, poetry and play.



Introduction to SoulCollage 

Introduction to the Labyrinth: A Path to Feminine Wisdom 

Introduction to Mandalas



See Workshops and Talks listed above.



All Workshops and Talks listed above may be adapted for a one to five day retreat.


Training and Experience:Bachelor of Arts, English, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas 

Juris Doctor, University of Texas, Austin, Texas 

Creativity Coaching Training with Eric Maisel, author of Fearless Creating Awakening the Creative Spirit: Experiential Education for Spiritual 

Directors in the Arts and Imagination with Christine Paintner and Betsy Beckman 

Spiritual Direction Internship, Mercy Center, California (July 2007) 

Spiritual Direction Program, Haden Institute, North Carolina (currently) 

SoulCollage Facilitator Training with Seena B. Frost

Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator Training with the Rev. Lauren Artress, Grace Cathedral

Soul Sisters: Advanced Soul Collage and Soul Collage 

Intensive Performance Art Courses, study with Rachel Rosenthal and Jackie Apple, Los Angeles, California 

Art Fest study with Claudine Hellmuth, Lynne Whipple, Mary Jo McGraw and Karen Michel 

Fort Worden International Kitemaker’s Conferences and Drachen Foundation kitemaking workshops, study with Dan Kurahashi, Mikio Toki, Zhao Ji Chen, Scott Hampton, J.R. Tolman, Randy Shannon, Anna Rubin, Charlie Sotitch, Gary Goodenough and Robert Trepanier 

Paper Marbeling Workshop with Galen Berry 

Bookbinding Workshops with Michael Jacobs 

Paper Making Workshop



Please contact me at the email shown above.



Please contact me at the email shown above.

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