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Marj Penley


1. retired folks
2. late bloomers
3. writers
4. visual artists
5. overcoming anxiety and depression


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Chester, California & Sedona, Arizona United States.




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What would happen if your creative work took first place in your life - above all your personal concerns, obligations, as well as worldly worries? How much enjoyment, satisfaction and fulfillment would you feel? How much richer would your life be?

Whether you are a writer, a visual artist or a performer, it's oh so easy to let bits and pieces of daily life overshadow all the joys we can experience with any kind of creativity.

But if we work together, we can make use of a whole batch of techniques and practices I've learned over the years, pushing aside all those things that can get in the way of your experiencing and enjoying your own creativity.

Methods of Working:

I enjoy meeting in person (when this is possible). I also am comfortable working by email and phone. With people from other countries, I prefer Skype. (I really enjoy working with people all over the world (as long as we can work in English) (smile).



CCA Certified Creativity Coach 
I love to coach all kinds of creativity, but especially I love to coach in the areas below:

Coaching the process of writing as well as writing itself
Training recently with Eric Maisel in presenting classes, groups, and workshops as well as training with Dr. Weismuller at Pomona College and Anne Lamott in Corte Madera for 3 years as well as profs at Brandeis, Middlebury College, and University of Nebraska.

I have a MA in English with an emphasis on both writing and literature from the University of Notre Dam

Coaching the Process of Painting
Training with Mariko Suzuki in sumi-e brush painting for 3 years and water color with Deb Groesser for 5 years.

Coaching the Process of Ceramics
Training at Foothill College in Los Altos, CA one year
Training at Palo Alto Art Center in Palo Alto, CA 4 years
Training at Sedona Art Center, Sedona, AZ for 5 years

I really enjoy using different techniques collected especially from the following sources:

Certified in Hypnosis
Training for 2 years with Dr. Freda Morris
Training for 3 more years with Dr. Lorna Cutler

Certified Gestalt Therapist
Training with the Gestalt Institute in San Francisco

Certified in Art Therapy
Training with the University of California in Berkeley

Certified in Psychosynthesis
Training with the Palo Alto Psychosynthesis Institute with additional training for five years with Ann Russel and John Firman

Coaching creativity for people from other countries.

Training with The University of California with a certificate in teaching English as a Second Language (ESL)

Many years teaching classes and private students (students from all over the world) at The Golden Gate Language School in Campbell, CA

Training from the School of International and Intercultural Communication, in Portland, Oregon, which resulted in becoming certified in cross culture communication. 

Licensed Marriage, Family Therapist for over 30 years in California
Training at the University of Santa Clara-MA degree
Training at Webster center in Santa Clara
Training at The Bridge Counseling Center

Many classes and workshops focused on various psychological issues.


Individual Services:

I always form a strong alliance with my clients and usually establish a long term relationship so that my clients develop confidence in themselves and their creativity, overcoming fears, anxieties and even depression, which often occur with the immersion process necessary for genuine creativity.



Overcoming Anxiety and Depression
We will use guided fantasies, art materials, as well as working with the subpersonalities related to anxiety, depression and creativity.

In the workshop there will be much caring, understanding and support for each participant. We creative people have all been there, experiencing at one time or another anxiety and depression!

Tapping into the Unconscious for Creative Inspiration
We will be using methods from Dr. Freda Morris, Helen Palmer and Psychosynthesis to discover images and insights for our next creative projects—and have fun in the process.



Psychosynthesis - What it's all about and how we can benefit from its insights and techniques. 

Developing the qualities needed for creativity and recognizing that you probably already have most or all of them.


Classes offeredPsychosynthesis in six bites: Lectures, discussions and exercises for understanding the value of Psychosynthesis and the view it presents for creative people.

Training and ExperienceI have quite extensive training in psychology, philosophy (both western and eastern), as well as in the creative areas of writing, art, and ceramics. I have masters degrees in English, in philosophy, and in psychology.

I was assistant to the director of The Institute for Advanced Studies in World Religions

I am a CCA Certified Creativity Coach
I am certified in Psychosynthesis, Gestalt, hypnosis, and art therapy.
I am certified to teach English as a second language and certified in cross-cultural communication

PublicationsDiscussion of the Art of Collingwood, published in 1966 by The University of Nebraska press.



Please contact me at the email address shown above to discuss the cost of coaching with me.



I am currently only available by email. However, by April I will be offering many classes, groups, and workshops as well as individual coaching by phone or skype (or in person when that is possible).


Additional Comments:

We can end with a couple quotes from Lauren Bacall,
"You don't always win your battles, but it's good to know you fought."

"Imagination is the highest kite you can fly."

Still have questions? See our Creativity Coach FAQ's
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