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Marta Ciesla

Business Name:

Creativity Coaching Marta Ciesla



Didsbury Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre
212a Burton Road
M20 2LW







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Authentic and Honest Creativity Coaching and Life Coaching based on Positive Psychology and Transactional Analysis. I work Co-creatively and tailored to individual needs.


Methods of Working:

I travel to any location worldwide subject to expenses paid



Creativity Coaching
Life Coaching
Transactional Analysis
Positive Psychology

I am trained as a Psychotherapist specialized in Transactional Analysis and a Life and Creativity Coach. I have been working as a psychotherapist since 2010 and before been working for the NHS and Universities in psychological and psychiatric research after completing my BSc (Hons) Psychology. I had a long-time interest in psychology and see my work as "walking beside my clients on their journey". I am the founder and director of a thriving Psychotherapy Centre in the UK from which I do my face to face work. I use an eclectic approach based on positive psychology and use coaching skills quite organically as a result of deeply listening to my clients and sensing what they actually need.


Since the early days of my private practice I had numerous musicians and other artists make their way into my practice whom I have helped - with psychotherapy and coaching- to free up their creative energy. It was this work with people in the creative industry which lead me to expand my work into professional coaching.


My psychotherapy training has been according to UKCP guidelines which have years of personal therapy as a condition of becoming a therapist. This means that I have gone through my own journey of self-discovery, change and growth which shows itself in the safety I provide in my work.


My Coach training is ICF accredited and I continue to learn and specialize. I am also a member of the Creativity Coaching Association.


Individual Services:

My approach is Co-Creative. We are a team and work together. You know what your goals are and I can support you in getting there.


My style is eclectic, meaning that I use a combination of different methodologies, philosophies and ways of working. A main component of my work however is Positive Psychology. I focus on your strengths, you passion, your skills and (re-)discovering those by identifying your resources. I believe that everybody is whole already but in the busy-ness of today's life those skills and strengths are either taken for granted or forgotten about. Instead, positive thinking leads to action and a sense of well-being. No matter what your goal in coaching is, the additional goal is always to increase your happiness.


Feeling energized and by re-awakening your curiosity about yourself and the process is the first step. No matter how high the goal, fun needs to be part of it. The biggest component of every coaching relationship however is accountability.

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