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Mary Theis


1. Writers,

2. Visual artists

3. Professionals

4. Emerging, Newbies

5. Creativity practice


Talent, Oregon, United States




(541) 951-0167 


Web Site:


I believe that the being creative not only enriches and provides meaning to one’s life, when shared it can enrich the lives of many others. Everyone has the ability and the right to be creative. To be creative you just need to be curious, be willing to explore and experiment, and to have persistence. 

Creativity is like a muscle that can be developed and needs regular maintenance and rejuvenation to stay fit and healthy. The more you exercise your imagination, the easier it will be to access your creativity.

I believe in setting yourself up for success with your creative practice and doing everything in your power to support your creative goals. The creative process can be anxiety-producing. Therefore, it can be emotionally difficult to just get started. I work with clients to identify and remove their emotional and physical barriers. 

By making the process of creating as easy as possible, you will have much better success at following through with your creative goals.

Methods of Working:

I work with clients in-person, via Skype, on the phone and email, customizing the method(s) depending on their needs.

I meet with clients every 1-2 weeks with support email. I research and connect artists with resources that will support their particular needs.


I specialize in helping professional artists reframe how they view themselves, get more focused on their practice and set realistic, attainable goals. 

I also am a guide for clients new to the creative process and want to explore their creativity. I help newbies realign their expectations around a creative life so they are more successful on their journey.

Individual Services:

I work with clients one-on-one to identify barriers in their creative practice, rediscover their passion, help them set attainable goals and support them in being devoted to their practice.

Classes Offered:

Creative Practice Support Group
Creativity 101

Talks Offered:

Creative Life After School
Creativity Myths and Facts
Everyday Creativity


Training and Experience:

Certified Creativity Coach  - CCA
BA in Art (Painting and Drawing) from Humboldt State University
Non-Violent Communication


See my website for pricing 



I currently have openings for creativity clients and my Creative Practice Support Group. 

Still have questions? See our Creativity Coach FAQ's
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