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Michael Lee









Email Address:



Creativity Coaching Philosophy:

I subscribe to Julia Cameron’s notion that Creativity is innate in us all, and that working to be more creative is simply about unveiling what is already within us. So my methods are focused on removing the emotions, stresses, limiting beliefs etc that block the creativity inherent within you.

Methods of Working:

If you are in Johannesburg South Africa, it’s best for us to do in person. Otherwise, willing to work via phone, Skype, email, or whatever format can work for us.


Creativity and Clarity


I am trained as a Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, and Executive Coach. I am also a working screenwriter and film/TV producer active daily in the industry.

Individual Services Offered:

Robust coaching, decluttering my problem to see a clear view of actions and get the result.

Sisanda Henna, actor, producer, screenwriter


I wasn’t spoon-fed what to think - I was provided with tools that inspired a new mindset!

Nirvana Nokwe-Mseleku, musician, actress


Workshops Offered:

Create Your Creativity is a 6 week, 2 hour per week group workshop for both individuals and corporates that radically enhances creativity through a touch of theoretical discussion and a whole lot of transformational work.


Training and Experience:

MA/BA in Political Science, Stanford University

MFA in Creative Writing from the New School

Certification in Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, and NLP Practitioner from Action Factory, South Africa


Please contact me at the email shown above


I have space for individual clients and groups.

Still have questions? See our Creativity Coach FAQ's
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