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Nan Weed


visual artists, muse seekers, lapsed creatives, artmaking as spiritual practice, tools for practicing artists


Business Name:

Nan Weed Studio



Eugene, Oregon. United States




Web Site:



I am a practicing visual artist. As a coach, I love to share the joy, difficulties,and practical aspects of the process of creating with those who seek to find or strengthen their own creative practice. I seek to help clients develop skills to maintain their practice through learning self-coaching techniques. I offer experiential workshops for increasing understanding of the creative process and exploring new ways to deepen one's experience.My belief is that each of us is unique and each person's creative life works best when it takes into consideration and supports all aspects of one's life.


Methods of Working:

in-person & phone, email as follow-up



In order to help clients access their own creative source, my training and earlier practice as a massage therapist informs my interest in using various movement forms and my training in art therapy informs my use of visualization techniques. --BFA in drawing and painting - University of Oregon --Cascade Institute of Massage?--NW Institute of Creative Art Therapy?--Creativity Coaching Association coursework and certification


Individual Services offered:

I work both with individuals alone, in groups in workshops, and in a weekly group format.

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