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Rob Fortier


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New York, NY. United States





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What would happen if you started running your creativity like a business, showing up to create consistently? How much more productive could you be? Just how far could you go? What if you could find a way to really focus on what's important and learn to let go of activities that don't serve you?

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a creative business owner, a performer, an artist or a writer, it's easy to let everyday life get in the way of your passions. But working together, it's also entirely possible to develop habits and systems to make your creative work happen, despite whatever life throws at you!


Methods of Working:

Phone, Skype

Specializations:Having an art, writing and performance background, as well as having run my own business, I understand the struggles creatives face as they balance their careers and businesses with other aspects of their lives. But in order to be successful, creatives need to put on their CEO hats and take charge (all while having fun, of course!). Run Your Art Like a Business, Run Your Business Like an Art™ - that's my motto.

Individual services offered:Together we can work on how to:

  • Be more productive and stop procrastinating

  • Finish or start a creative project

  • Set and achieve goals so you're moving forward

  • Work through your creative blocks

  • Make time for what's really important to you



Create Your Own Success– getting your creative house in order so your can have an amazing creative career

Run Your Art Like A Business– 10 action steps you can take right now to make your creative business more profitable

Training and Experience:BA in Theater from Boston College. Eight years of design experience running Paper Words, a greeting card/stationery company. CCA Certified Creativity Coach



Pushing the Envelope: The Small Greeting Card Manufacturer's Guide to Working with Sales Reps, Showtime! The Greeting Card and Gift Company's Guide to Trade Show Success (Center Aisle Press)



Please visit my website to schedule a complimentary Creative Breakthrough Session.



Openings available for one-on-one coaching and for in-person talks/workshops


Additional Comments:

Align your dreams with your words and your actions, and the results will be nothing short of amazing!

Still have questions? See our Creativity Coach FAQ's
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