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Robin Carr


Creative Process, Creative Thinking, Ideas, Interdisciplinary, Problem-solving


Business Name:

Carr Creativity Coaching and Consulting



Savannah, Georgia. United States






Creativity is an innate human attribute: it’s in our nature to create and to be creative. And this creativity can be nourished and nurtured. Although creativity is most often identified with artistic pursuits, it can be expressed in any field of endeavor and in every aspect of life.

In fact, creativity has manifested throughout human history in glorious variety. Creativity has manifested in every field of endeavor, in every aspect of life, in every culture, in all kinds of circumstances, across every boundary, to every purpose—and so on and so forth. It’s what we do; it’s how we’re made; it’s who we are.

Because it is our human nature to create, it is incumbent upon us to investigate human creative potential as part of our appreciation of what it is to be human. Few people realize that Creativity is an academic field of study, and as academic subject matter it can be taught. At present, courses in Creativity are few and far between.

As human attribute creativity can be nurtured, and as subject matter Creativity can be taught. It is my pleasure and my passion to do both.

Methods of Working:

I usually work via email or in person. We’ll find what works for us. We have options.



I am available to work with either individuals or groups, in the following capacities:

  • coaching

  • consulting

  • speaking

  • planning

  • problem solving

  • solution finding

  • facilitating

  • ideating

(see section on ‘Training and Experience, below)

Individual Services:Each individual client is unique. I provide process support as appropriate. My focus is on what you need.



For workshop dates, contact me for info.



I love to speak about creativity, so…contact me for info



I love nurturing and teaching creativity, so…contact me for info.



None currently planned, but…contact me for info.


Training and Experience:

I am a creativity 'comprehensivist', coach and consultant with an interdisciplinary focus, a unique background in the arts, design and technology and two degrees in the field of Creativity.

  • Master of Science in Creative Studies, from the International Center for Studies in Creativity, SUNY Buffalo

  • Bachelor of Arts in The Creative Process and the Arts, from UWW, UMASS Amherst

  • Former Professor of Applied Creative Thinking for the School of Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)

  • Trained in Creativity Coaching with Eric Maisel

  • Member of the Creativity Coaching Association

  • Trained Creative Problem Solving (CPS) Facilitator

I am an advocate for the teaching of Creativity and have designed a Creativity minor course of study suitable for any institution of higher education.

At the Savannah College of Art and Design I created, initiated and taught the course Applied Creative Thinking and participated in the development of SCAD’s QEP Center for Collaborative Learning.

My process and problem solving skills have been developed during a lifetime of working in the arts and design (see additional comments, below) and enhanced by seven years as an IT professional and consultant.



  • Annotated 330 books on creativity for the Creativity Based Information Resources (CBIR) online database

  • Wrote article ‘Nourish Your Creativity’ for the Jul-Aug 2008 ‘Creative Issue’ of Savannah Magazine

  • Wrote article ’Crea el Éxito en tu Salón’ for the July 2003 ‘Fomentando la Creatividad’ issue of Salón Plus



By all means, contact me for info.



I look forward to working with you.


Additional Comments:

Sample of my personal creative history: I grew up in a musical household: my father was a musician. I began studying dance and architecture at age 3, piano at 6, violin at 9 and began sewing at 8. I continued studying movement and choreography in NYC and at the American University’s summer dance institute, participating in dance, theatre and performance art pieces. At Eckerd College I explored tactile and fiber arts and experimented with graphic art as an integration of the visual arts and poetry. In NYC I worked with experimental dancers and musicians and supported myself as hand knitter for a major clothing designer. Current personal creative interests include writing and designing spectacular and unusual hats.

Still have questions? See our Creativity Coach FAQ's
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