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Sabrina Maniscalco, PhD


All Creativity, Creative interpersonal and int, Creativity blocks, Getting Unstuck, Time management


Business Name:

Creative Communication 4All


Turku. Finland




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There are three important aspects of creativity in arts and life: The importance of finding the right medium for your own creative strengths, the necessity of being able to control the mediums and the need for freedom to experiment and take risks. But how to understand which medium is right for us? How to liberate our intuition? How to give voice to our feelings? The answer to all these questions is within each of us, we only need to learn to listen to ourselves. Our mind is always busy with a continuous flow of thoughts. Behind this continuous flow, however, there is a place of stillness and peace, where the answers to all these questions reside. Learning to get in contact with that peaceful and powerful spot is learning to understand ourselves and to ignite the creative process leading to the expression of our voice.


Methods of Working:

Email, Skype, Phone, In-person



  • Creativity Techniques for Interpersonal and Intercultural Communication

  • Time Management and Goal Setting for Writers, Artists and Scientists

  • Unleashing Creativity for Writers, Artists and Scientists

  • Powerpoint/Keynote Effective Presentations

  • Creativity in Business world


Individual Services:

  • Creativity Coaching for Writers, Artists, Scientists

  • Counseling for Powerpoint/Keynote presentations



Art and Life, Reality and Fiction – Where is the border between art and life, between reality and fiction, between truth and invention? In which way and to which extent can “our art” become part of our life, change our life and be integrated with our life? Can our life become an artwork and/or, vice versa, our artworks push and pull our life?



Creative Communication in a foreign language – International Meeting Point, Turku Cultural Centre, Finalnd. In the course we explore ways to complement the written and spoken (English) language with other “arts” for improving intercultural communication and interpersonal communication for people using English as their lingua franca.


Creative Communication offers creativity coaching services and creativity courses in English. Our courses are not only for artists, but also for everybody who believes creativity plays an important role in their life and in today’s world. In particular we offer courses for

  • Business schools,

  • Companies,

  • Foreigners and international students,

  • Teachers.


Training and Experience:

  • Creative Writing Course with Marilena Monti, Mazara (Italy).

  • Creative Writing Courses with Beatrice Agnello, Leonora Cupane and Marcello Benfante , Parco Letterario Tomasi di Lampedusa, Palermo (Italy).

  • Creative Writing (Plays and Screenplays) with Claudio Fava, Parco Letterario Tomasi di Lampedusa, Palermo (Italy).

  • Creative Writing “La notte dei mille racconti” with Beatrice Monroy, Libraria, Palermo (Italy).

  • PhD in Physics.

  • Founder of Creative Communication 4All.

  • Creative Communication Courses Coordinator.

  • Organizer of Pangea Day-Turku.

  • Creativity Coaching Course with Eric Maisel, PhD (in training).



Please contact me for coaching rates.



Currently a few openings are available.

Still have questions? See our Creativity Coach FAQ's
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