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Shaqe Kalaj


Creative Process, Imagination & Visualization, Mentorship, Strategic coaching, Transformational Coaching


Business Name:

The Imagination Coach™ – Mentoring Your Creativity™



Beacon, New York, United States







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As a creative coach I support the enhancement of a sustainable creative lifestyle. I believe art to be transformative. My intense background as an artist and a teacher, along with my empathetic skills can aid you at whatever point to engage in your potential or develop skills and tools to manage your creativity. My approach as a coach is based on building the imaginative intelligence and finding your individual strengths.  

Methods of Working: Phone, skype, in person and email. Flexibility on how you would like to work.



  • My specialization is in the creative process and finding a persons individuals potential and strengths. As a strategist I find exciting and new vantage points in any art form.

  • My approach toward individuals and groups has a transformational component. Clients have experienced a shift emotionally and intellectually. My intent is to transform stories that sometimes can stagnate and create blockage.


Individual services offered:

  • Creative Process analysis for all genres of artists

  • Imagination and Visual development

  • Understanding personal story through imagination and visualization techniques to altar perspective.

  • Perspective shifts

  • Development of Right and left Brain skills and aptitudes

  • Understanding the stages of the creative process and where you get stuck

  • Understanding of personality through color analysis and Myers Briggs

  • For visual Artists clients can do artwork during a session to understand internal dialogue.

  • Visualization in order to see or hear future work.

  • Developing a meaningful body of work

  • Developing healthy work patterns of higher productivity

  • Developing Visionary work

  • Marketing strategies for Visual Artists



[Tuning into Your Right Brain™ ] – [Based on Daniel Pink’s book, A Whole New Mind, this two day intensive workshop, teaches you the 7 skills needed to compete and thrive in a conceptual age.] 
[Idea Development ] – [A one day intensive workshop that will help you create a flow of ideas. You will leave with tools and inspiration that will move you to create meaningful artwork.]
[Empowering Educators with Creativity Coaching ] – [Coaching is the New Teaching. Teachers will develop the training to utilize coaching within their teaching practice. You will leave with an arsenal of tools that will revolutionize the way you teach.]
[The Entrepreneur/Guerrilla Artist ] – [The reality is that artist’s need to spend 50% of their time making art and the other 50% getting their work out there. This workshop moves beyond traditional approaches to marketing your work and focuses on creative approaches to getting noticed.]



[Art the Solution for Today] – [Could art be more important than we’re led to believe? Could art be the new thing that moves us as a culture and society to a whole new level? Based on the book A Whole New Mindby Daniel Pink, Shaqe will give a lecture on how we’re moving from the information age to the conceptual age. ]
[A Research-Based Artist] – [A research-based, content-based approach can give you a strong direction for your art. If you’re curious about developing a research-based approach, or are interested in tapping into a richer reservoir of material for art-making, this is a lecture not to be missed.] 
[Guerrila tactics that get noticed] – [A presentation that will activate you to try non-traditional approaches to marketing your work.]
[How does our culture Impede on the Creative Process?] – [We as artists often think that our creative blocks our internal. In this presentation Shaqe presents that many blocks are in fact external and part of Societies values. ]
[I am not an Artist – but I want to be Creative] – [This is for all those that do not think they are creative. This presentation will be an eye opener to possibilities that we all possess that we can activate.]
[Creating order in my finances: for the artist] – [One of the great strategies that an artist needs is a balance and order within their financial lives. This presentation gives you a new perspective and possible tools so that finances do not damper your creative work. ]
[Dealing with a disability: Finding a New Perspective] – [There are artists that have encountered a disability or may attain one in their lives. This motivational talk will give a new vantage point to look at disability as a tool for creativity rather than an block. ] 
[Spurring Creativity] – [How do you spur your creativity to higher heights and better productivity? Have you experienced some resistance in the creative process and just accepted it for some reason or another? Are there tools and strategies that can open new and exciting approaches to creating? ]


Classes offered:

[Be A Fearless Creator ] – [Based on Eric Maisel’s book, Fearless Creating. You will learn the stages of the creative process, what holds you back, and what will get you going. This class has some personal coaching for each student.
[Experimental Art ™ ] – [Offered on the first and third Tuesday of the month in Plymouth MI. An art class where each night is a new experience, with a new technique or approach.]
[Color & Your Personality ] – [Find out what color you are and what it means and how it can help with understanding your creativity.]
[Marathon Painting™ ] – [Paint for a continuous 4 hours and blast through blocks and open up new possibilities of creativity]
[The Ambidexterous 1 day Workshop ] – [A hands on workshop that activates your left brain and right brain by drawing with both hands,]
[Surrealism ] – [Activate what it means to “surpass reality” through drawing and surrealists techniques and approaches.]


Retreats offered:

[Intuitive Painting Intensive™ Retreat ] – [A three day retreat where you access your intuition through painting. The three themes of Remembering you, your animal instincts, and the goddess within


Training and Experience:

I received my training as a creativity coach through CCA. I have a BFA from Wayne State University in painting and Graphic Design. In 2006 I received a teaching certificate in Art Education at Eastern Michigan University. I also did some post-grad work in Printmaking at EMU. I received specialized coaching through VSA as a Teaching Artist fellow in DC in 2008/09. This includes UDL, UBD, Backward design, and inclusion. Shaqe has presented many lectures and presentations on the arts through learning, coaching and as an artist. She currently is the Artist-in-Residence at Art & Ideas Gallery in Plymouth, MI.

For VSA mi I am a teaching artist and for the last 4 years the Visual Arts coordinator. I planned a touring exhibition for people with disabilities.

I have exhibited my prints, paintings, photography, mixed media work nationally and internationally. Some of the shows include the Modern Museum of Art in Saitamo, Japan and a show in Korea for three consecutive year, and solo shows at the University of Pittsburgh, and Adrian College.

PublicationsWriter for the Teaching Artist Journal:



“Please contact Shaqe for one-on-one coaching packages and prices for workshops and classes.”



Openings available in one-on-one coaching. Please contact Shaqe for availability on classes, workshops, and lectures.


Additional Comments:

“Power comes through imagining new possibilities” Shaqe

Still have questions? See our Creativity Coach FAQ's
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