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Stephanie Anderson


Blocks, Creativity as a way of life, Personal Growth, Self-Confidence, Writing Process

Business Name:

Stephanie Anderson


Sussex, England. United Kingdom


Web Site:


Through my coaching I aim to help you identify your creative desires and dreams and to discover your potential - first recognizing it, then finding your own route to fulfillment.

The approach I use is ‘creative enquiry’ - a mixture of coaching questions alongside creative exercises designed to guide and inspire you in your own process towards a creatively rich and fulfilling life.

I start from the position that everyone has something to offer. They need to feel valued, with their abilities recognized and nurtured, by them as well as by others. I consider a creative and imaginative life to be fundamental to well-being in all senses.

I encourage the clients I work with to value and respect other people and their environment and to behave responsibly and with integrity towards both.

Methods of Working:

Coaching sessions can be a combination of face to face, email and phone , depending on where you live or work and the time you have available. Sessions are usually booked in blocks of three.


I focus on working with clients on the challenges of living a creative life. This includes: creating as part of a balanced life; creativity and sense of self; creating and change; creativity and well-being.

Individual Services:

Individual coaching face to face or via email or phone.


Not currently.


I can offer talks on personal growth/development through writing creatively, and using writing as a vehicle for change or managing change.


Not currently


Not currently

Training and Experience:

I started my career as a teacher, working in education for many years before moving to the arts sector, firstly as a freelance writer and teacher, based in day-care cent res and hospitals, and then working at the UK’s National Literature Charity ‘The Arvon Foundation’.

I left my post as the organization’s National Director to pursue my writing and coaching interests.

I hold postgraduate qualifications in teaching and creative writing for therapeutic development.


I have written on coaching, personal development and the arts for a number of journals and online publications. I post regular features on my website at


Subject to variation. Please email me to discuss.

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