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Steve Harper


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Business Name:

Your Creative Life



Los Angeles, California. United States.





(917) 232-8879


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Storytelling is one of the most powerful things a human being can do. Writers shed light on the human condition and teach us who we are. Whether you are interested in plays, TV scripts, web series material or screenplays, you’re in it to make a difference. Having a viable writing career is possible.

What’s the difference, then, between you and the successful award-winners?


And savvy knowledge about how the business really works.

I can help you find your way!


Methods of Working:

Phone or Skype coaching around writing and working as a writer in the industry. Email coaching. In person workshops. Custom designed seminars for groups. Script reading and script development. See my special packages (including my 30 Day Writing Challenge) on the website!



I work people who are not yet writers and want to start, writers who want to go pro and with professionals looking to go to the next level. Gentle. Focused. Joyful.


Individual Services:

The 30-Day Writing Challenge: Email prompts to get you writing every day for a month.

Your First Great Script: Three months of step-by-step guidance from idea to first draft!

Your Fabulous Writing Career: Clear answers to your writing questions over a month of weekly coaching calls.

Page-by-Page Polish: A thorough and detailed script consultation with notes on your opus and gentle but powerful feedback.

Pro-to-Pro Consult: A jam-packed hour of what you want to know (guided by you and facilitated by me).

The Email Package: Two months of email back and forth about you and your writing life (with a 1 hour and 30 minutes of phone coaching thrown in.)

See the for details and pricing.



YOUR TV WRITING LIFE: Interested in TV? There are some things you need to know. We’ll cover an overview of TV styles, how TV scripts are written, outline the structure of TV shows and look at the realities and challenges of working in the business. And, you’ll get a crash course in how to write for TV whether you’re creating an original pilot, a spec script or actually working on a show.

YOU CAN WRITE: Get a comprehensive overview of dramatic writing and how it works. Learn about structure, character and feedback & get some hands on practice creating new work in a supportive workshop environment. And it’s easier than you think.

THE BIRTHING PROCESS: Once you’re writing, how do you keep it up? What are the necessary skills to show up regularly on the page? How do you give birth to a project and keep it going? These questions and more are explored in a simple step-by-step methodology. Best of all you’ll tailor YOUR PROCESS to the way YOU want to work. Find out how to stay in the writing game.

PLAYWRITING INTENSIVE: Love the theatre?? This intensive covers how plays differ from TV, an overview of theatrical styles, and maps out a way to start writing your play whether it’s a solo show, a short piece or a full length. We’ll also tackle how plays work and you’ll leave this workshop having written your own short play!

THE BUSINESS – OWN YOUR CAREER: You wrote something. Now what? This workshop covers the ins and outs of what happens now that you have some material. Do you need an agent? How do you market yourself? Networking? Contracts? Bios? What about copyright and registration? Find out what you need to know to navigate as a professional.


Training and Experience:

I honed my craft at the CBS Writers Mentoring Program. Artists Diploma in Playwriting from Juilliard Certificate in Acting from the American Repertory Theatre Institute at Harvard B.A. in English and Theatre from Yale Certified co-leader with The ManKind Project CCA Certified Coach


PublicationsFind my writings on my blog
and on Medium:



See for details on pricing



My coaching availability depends on my professional commitments. Reach me at to discuss your needs and to schedule.


Additional Comments:

The most important thing about writing is to do it – one sentence at a time. Connect to the joy of telling your story and you can change the world.

Still have questions? See our Creativity Coach FAQ's
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