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Sylvie Labelle, A.C.C.


  1. All creativity

  2. Creativity in business

  3. Life Transitions

  4. Vision Clarification

  5. Creative potential


Business Name:

CFI Syllab Inc.


Montreal, Quebec. Canada



(514) 485 4601

Web Site:


To me coaching is about creating. Creating visions and strategies, creating leadership, creating balance, a new life... Not just talking about it, but actually acting on what is important to you in life: Knowing yourself profoundly, making a difference in the world, to fill time and pauses with quality, to experience power and vitality in work and private life - just to mention a few universal goals. 

To grow we must first be willing to change, to shake up our lives and consider what else might be possible. In my partnership with you I coach you to welcome change with openness and curiosity. 

Consulting with a passion for balance and personal growth, I encourage you to say “YES!” to life (and, also, naturally going into your emotions, when necessary). 

I take a multi-disciplinary approach 

I can incorporate creative elements like visualization, collage and book arts to help you tap into your greatest potential and develop personalized action plans grounded in your core values and inspired by your future vision. 

CONTEXT: I will help you see your life from a new, much larger, perspective than you do today. CLARITY: I will help you see your life story in a new and refreshing way, one that opens vast new possibilities for you.

ACTION: I will help you take meaningful action that allows you to live your truth and your passion - every day. 

So, this coaching is for those willing to reach beyond limitations and self-imposed boundaries. 

I work with individuals and businesses to think and act in innovative ways to develop deeper, sustainable and satisfying connections to self, loved ones, work and nature. My clients discover creativity, energy, and balance and then design structures and action plans that allow them to first awaken to infinite possibilities and then continue to stay awake and move forward. I assist clients in focusing on success, inspired action and transformation. 

I delight in standing at a client's side as they open up to the possibilities that lie within and witness the magic that begins to unfold! 

I guides clients through their own personal change journey to achieve their goals, celebrate their successes and create lasting results. 

Methods of Working:

Telephone, emails, outdoors, in person, one to one, one to many.



  1. All creativity

  2. Creativity in business

  3. Life Transitions

  4. Vision Clarification (Goal setting)

  5. Developing creative potential


Sowing Creativity, Reaping Innovation! - creative process, tangible applications From Manager to Leader - Intrapersonal and inter personal leadership Coaching for Results – process of coaching, through different challenges


On demand.



On demand.


Training and Experience:

Certified by Edward de Bono in Six Thinking Hats
Certified by Edward de Bono in Lateral Thinking
Ph.D. in creative leadership
Member of the International Coach Federation, PCC
Master Certified Integral Coach™
PPCC from Concordia University (Personal and Professional Certified Coach)
Speaks English and French


Creative Leadership – how do I access my intuition?


Please contact me at the email show above.

Additional Comments:

I coach creatively, with metaphors, etc yet can be structured, with customized self-observation, practices, etc.

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