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Tamara Sellman


Creative Writing, Developmental Editing, Self Publishing, Writer's Platform, Writing Coach


Business Name:

Writer’s Rainbow Literary Services, LLC


Bainbridge Island, Washington. United States




Web Site:


It pains me to see creative writers defeated by amateur advice, careless instruction, the brutal economics of 21st century publishing, and other external negative influences which can obstruct the creative process. Even the very solitude the writing life requires can be disempowering for some. I operate on the basic principle that there are many right ways to do any one thing, and that the goal of the writer is to find the tools that work the best for them. As a coach, I also work to draw out the hidden genius in each client’s work. I’m honest and encouraging in my coaching style and focus on productivity, energy management, and the value of being true to one’s unique voice. I offer assistance in developmental editing, manuscript grooming and platform development for the client wanting to start or maintain a writing career. I also work to empower each client toward an ongoing creative practice. Not only am I coach, teacher, and editor, but I’m a writer as well. I know first hand how hard it is to go it alone and consciously work to serve my clients in the way I’d most want to be served myself as a writer.


Methods of Working:

Live 1:1 coaching sessions (for Seattle area clients only). We meet at a coffeehouse on Bainbridge Island twice monthly for a minimum of 6 sessions (3 months). Online coaching sessions (via Google Talk—audio only). We meet online twice monthly for a minimum of 6 sessions (3 months). All coaching services are arranged after a free 1-hour consultation, live or by phone, or through email correspondence, to determine services needed and desired. I prefer online sessions as they are automatically transcribed and gather the complete record of our discussions, including links to tools and resources online, that the client can turn to again and again. PLATFORM CONSULTATION Live 1:1 platform consulting sessions (for Seattle area clients only). We meet at a coffeehouse on Bainbridge Island once monthly to discuss tools and strategies for building the writing platform. All platform consultation services are arranged after a free 1-hour consultation, live or by phone, or through email correspondence, to determine services needed and desired. DEVELOPMENTAL EDITING I take only one developmental editing project a month as these projects are labor intensive and require a great deal of concentration and specialty skills. Please contact me for schedule openings. Clients deliver one hard copy for me to mark up. Allow 1 month for completion of editorial tasks. Followup meeting, live or by phone, is included in pricing. All developmental editing services are arranged after a free 1-hour consultation, live or by phone, or through email correspondence, to determine services needed and desired.



I specialize in the following kinds of writing: speculative fiction, paranormal fiction, short stories, flash fiction, creative nonfiction, personal essays, children’s chapter books, YA novels, mystery. I am also especially interested in work that moves beyond genre or category, work that tests boundaries, and experimental work. I am also interested in working with writers who are considering self publishing through POD, electronic publishing, or OnDemand books.


Individual Services:



Workshops:I currently teach live blogging workshops for writers building their own platforms via the Bainbridge Island Metro Parks & Recreation District (Fall, Winter and Spring sessions). All other teaching services are in the form of 1:1 mentoring in coaching.



None at this time



None at this time



None at this time


Training and Experience:

Bachelor’s Degree, Journalism (Magazine Editing and Publishing curriculum) from Columbia College, Chicago, 1990. Founding editor and publisher of MARGIN: Exploring Modern Magical Realism, 1998-2007. Successfully completed Creativity Coaching training sessions (1 and 2) with Eric Maisel in 2008 and 2009. Earned two Pushcart Prize nominations (1997, 2006). Twice completed the National Novel Writing Month challenge (2005, 2007). Frequent facilitator of private writing critique groups. Has contributed related presentations to the following organizations: The Associated Writers Programs Conference, The Council of Literary Magazines and Presses, Field’s End: A Writers’ Community, Foolscap SFF Convention, Highline Community College, Jane’s Stories Press Foundation, Mount Prospect Public Library, Mundelein Park District, Norwescon SFF Convention, Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association, Pacific Northwest Writers Association Conference, PEN Washington--Seattle, The Port Townsend Writers Conference, Richard Hugo House, Speculative Fiction Writers Cooperative, Wild Dove Writers’ Studio, Write On the Sound Writer’s Conference, Kitsap Regional Library—Bainbridge Island. For more credentials, see .



Editor and publisher of MARGIN: Exploring Modern Magical Realism (now in archives) Short stories, essays and poetry have been published internationally in print and online since 1996.



1:1 Developmental editing $100/hour includes 2 biweekly meetings monthly over a 3-month quarterly session ($600; renewable) Book grooming $50/work hour of editing; a typical novel can take 15-20 hours to complete (avg: $1000/job). Writers Platform consulting $100/month includes one 1-hour meeting and online consulting and basic assistance between monthly meetings via email. A minimum 3-month commitment recommended for best results ($300 per quarterly session; renewable) All first-time clients are asked to prepay for services. Payment schedule and discounts can be arranged for repeating clients. Note: I am neither a literary agent nor a publisher. I can help consult you with regard to effective strategies for approaching these industry professionals, but I cannot (nor can any editor or coach) guarantee that your work will find representation or publication within the industry. My focus is on empowering writers to complete and polish their work so they have a stronger competitive edge in the marketplace.



For coaching services: Please don’t delay if you are interested in working with me. I schedule clients in quarterly sessions. May 15, August 15, November 15 and March 15 mark the deadlines for signing up for concurrent quarterly sessions (summer = June-August, fall = September-November, winter = December-February, and spring = March-May). Repeat clients always have priority for future quarters, as they are likely to be finishing projects, and I won’t abandon them. I also require 2-3 weeks of time to review your manuscript sample to determine if we're a good match. As long as there are spots available, and I think we can work together, I will fit you in. For book editing services: Contact me to discuss dates. I can take only one book-length project a month. For consulting services: Contact me to discuss dates. I take consulting clients on a year-round basis as long as there are spaces available.


Additional Comments:

“At the core of my individual services is this singular ethic, that I will help when and where I can. It’s important to note that I will PASS on writers who have manuscripts I don’t feel I am qualified or inclined to assist with, as I only accept clients when I know I can offer them a quality service.” —Tamara Kaye Sellman, Director, Writer’s Rainbow Literary Services LLC, September 2006

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