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Virginia Lawrence, MHM, CCP


Mojo, Identity and Momentum Coaching, Ideation Activation, Strategy Planning, Innovation Design Coaching,Idea Incubation


Business Name:

Creative Detourism



Austin, Texas USA



(512) 887-2807

Web Site:


My philosophy is to assist others in understanding that to live by silo mentality will most often become the cause of the barrier and obstacles they face creatively. My practice is to show them that by “detouring” off the road less traveled that they might find the idea/imagination/creative world they never lost, just misplaced.

It is not that I have all the answers, but I have sure been down the road. This is why I designed my coaching firm. Coaching is not about me telling you what to do, it is about you discovering how amazing you are.

Methods of Working:

My firm has created three packages for my clients; The Studio, Mojo and Sparkx. Each package allows clients to have the option of one-on-one coaching. Mojo and Sparkx both offer group sessions and Sparkx offers an idea design segment. We work with clients all over the world. Therefore our methods are in person, Skype, phone, and In-Meeting.



I am a creative and a 20+ year veteran of education, training and development, event production and public relations. I have seen triumphs and trials. My specializations come from the honorable mentors I have had throughout my career and there are too many to state. From the beginning of my career at Walt Disney World to now a commissioned artist of electric guitars and a Creative Coach. My training has been diverse, unique and wonderful. 

Education BS – Food Science, Texas A&M University
MS- University of Houston, Hospitality Management
MA-St. Edward’s University, Organization Development
PhD (Doctoral Studies)- University of Texas, Educational Psychology 

Certified Coach Practitioner
White Belt Six Sigma


Individual Services Offered:

Discussed in Methods of Working



Open to all clients (students to executives ; all industries)



$75 for intake for one-on-one client (2 sessions). If contracted pricing is determined. Group Sessions are $25 per person.


Talks Offered:
2010-2011“Leadership Dilemmas-Codes to Excellence”
DISC Assessment Training
“Introducing mediaX 2010 – 21st Century Conversations” 
“Delivering Exceptional Customer Service”
“Consultive Selling: Your Key to Success in Event Management” 
“How to Keep the Creative Spark Alive in the Event Industry” 
“Bringing 21st Hospitality Innovation in the Classroom”
“Events 101” 
“Women ROAR”

Still have questions? See our Creativity Coach FAQ's
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