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Creativity Coaching Success Stories

The Creativity Coaching Association (CCA) Press proudly presents the first in a series of E-books on Creativity Coaching Partnerships.


"Now, Professional Creativity Coaches Reveal Their Secrets to Using Creativity Techniques and Innovation to Boost Opportunities, Enhance Creative Problem Solving, and Inspire Outstanding Results in Business and the Creative Arts.”

Get Ready to:

  • Discover how to live the creative life you’ve always wanted as you find out how artists and business professionals overcome issues similar to yours….

  • Make life altering changes that let you move towards your dream of living your life with creativity and innovation… 

  • Open yourself to methods that will unlock your creative desires and bring them alive in your life!



The Creativity Coaching Association Premiere E-book Release.

Creativity Coaching Success Stories:

22 Stories Revealed by Professional Creativity Coaches
on How to Change Obstacles & Challenges 
into Opportunities, Inspiration & Solutions

Edited by Beverly R. Down, Past President, Creativity Coaching Association (CCA)

You will learn the innovative strategies, creative techniques and processes used by Creativity Coaches to assist artists and business professionals to get past blockages and move forward in their work.


These inspiring stories of Creativity Coaches in action will help you to realize your vision of reaching your creative goals.

In these 22 stories you will find practical steps to apply creative tools used by Creativity Coaches that will catapult you toward your dreams:


You will find out how to:

  • Quiet your mind so you can focus on your creative goals.

  • Use innovative ideas and creative strategies to remove roadblocks to creating

  • Develop conscious relationships with clients to enhance long-term results

  • See how to explore your creative options and discover your true life meaning

  • Learn to ask questions and clearly define your goals so you too can work more efficiently and complete projects

  • Understand methods to define priorities and set goals to accomplish creative dreams while maintaining the responsibilities of everyday life

  • See how to regain control of time, energy and thoughts so you can begin the creative process

  • Choose to implement a creative practice that is unique to your situation and allows you to flourish

  • Observe ways to become more efficient and build the creative business you want


You will understand how a Creativity Coach can help you decide what is important to you, to take the time necessary, and to use all your available resources to mold the creative product you want to share with your audience


The stories in this book demonstrate the knowledge, dedication, encouragement, and support you gain by working with a Creativity Coach in a coaching relationship.


Be ready to be motivated and inspired by these easy to read, case study examples of how Creativity Coaches assist real people to break free of their creative and life blockages so they can reach their goals of artistic and business success.


Be ready to be convinced that any obstacle can be overcome, any schedule can be accommodated, and anybody can change to achieve their hearts’ desire.


Let these stories of successful Creativity Coaching give you the courage to honor your wish, acknowledge your passion, and live the creative life you dream.


Order now, as the special introductory offer is time-limited. This 79 page E-book, regularly priced at $25.00, can be purchased now for a short time only at the special introductory price of $18.95. Gift yourself with the benefits and wisdom offered by CCA Professional Creativity Coaches in this easy-to-download E-book and spark your own creativity today.


I am ready to download this E-book now and begin living my creative dream!

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